Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Not much of a weekend

Sunday I ended up driving the neighbors to the emergency room in Parker. Rusty was having some serious trouble with his hernia. Lois can't drive because of her eyesight. Left here about 9:30 and got back at 1. Just in time for a quick soak in the cool tub and then lunch/dinner at Silly Al's at 2. The rest of the day I just relaxed.

Nice sculpture outside the emergency room.

I was supposed to have yesterday off too but I got called in to work. I did a five hour shift of stocking shelves. This store is way, way behind in stocking and has a back room just full of inventory. Literally. Inventory is due in three weeks and we will never be caught up and every week another shipment comes in. Thus the new store manager.  I didn’t even put a dent in it. I am getting the hang of stocking, only had to ask a couple of questions. Today I am supposed to do some more training modules which means I will be in the office which is cooler. The thermometer on my car read 127 degrees when I got in it after work. The coolest it got over night was 90 degrees.

We hit 123 degrees on the patio yesterday, in the shade. 

My tank water hit 92 degrees and wasn’t refreshing, but it was wet which did help some. Still slightly lower than body temp. Although it drained on me last night so I had to refill it. The return tube popped out because the shade cloth got blown around in the wind. I slept OK thanks to my swamp cooler. Glad I decided to try it in the bedroom, it makes a huge difference. Keeps the room about 78 degrees. 

The neighbors pulled in last night. Not sure how long they will be here. I like it better when they are gone.

I diid get everything done yesterday morning that I wanted to get done. Had done my watering, gotten rid of the garbage and checked in on Rusty and Lois. Rusty seemed to be a lot better.

My cactus bloomed over night. I wasn’t expecting it this soon so I didn’t get the time lapse camera set up.

Today I work 8 to 2. Tomorrow 5 to 11 AM. The store is open from 7 AM to 10 PM. I much prefer the morning shifts. I have two days off next week.

There are clouds in the sky this morning. Monsoon season started last week. We haven’t gotten any rain yet but probably will very soon.

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