Thursday, June 2, 2016

Already hot

I read most of the day again with several dips in the cool tub. Tried my yogurt. It is kind of runny, but tastes great. I’m doing much better with my eating and I think the Bountiful Basket helped with that. I had fresh produce in the house. Looking forward to this week’s basket. I think next week will be salad week since I added the salad pack. Hoping to have some stuff I can dehydrate too. If I start working, I won’t be able to do the bountiful baskets since the pick up window is so small.

Yesterday’s high was 112. Another night with closed windows and the swamp cooler going. But I had a rough night last night, woke up every two hours and ended up in the living room in the chair. My neck hurts this morning. I have to start remembering to pull my pillow away from the wall a while before I go to bed because it holds the afternoon heat and is too warm when I go to bed. Either that or just keep it away from the wall to begin with. That would make too much sense tho.

I’m tossing around the idea of starting a braided t shirt rug. I just pulled some tops from my drawers, but am not quite ready to get rid of them. It is an easy enough project, just have to get motivated enough to get it started.

Thinking I have enough red in the house and might start adding dark purple. I really like the bohemian color combos and would like a little bit here. Need more color.

I have nothing on the agenda for today. I am already roasting since I am on the patio in the morning sun. I didn’t walk this morning because when I finally woke up, it was after 5 and already over 80 degrees. Plus my neck hurt. That means I will have to walk on Saturday before I go get my basket at 7 AM. I try to walk 5 days a week. Sunday I usually take off and the second day is flexible. If I had walked today and tomorrow I could have skipped Saturday.

Guess that is about it. I did do a garbage run on the scooter yesterday. Stopped and got watering instructions and some frozen food from a couple that is leaving this morning. I watched their watering last year too. 

I think I will start the day with a dip in the cool tub. It is already hot out and is 80 or so degrees indoors. I need to consider a kool cover over the house. It would keep the heat off the roof and if I had it go down far enough, block the neighbors on the west side. It is pricey tho. I would also like to do some interior painting and replace the flooring...again, pricey.

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