Monday, June 6, 2016

Hit 120 degrees

We hit 120 yesterday! I think the highest I have seen was 123 and that was in August of last year. Hoping it is only temporary and not a trend for the season. I spent a little while outside yesterday trimming the tomato plants, rearranging things on the bench so that the things I want to try to last a little longer will be in the shade. I also moved the palm tree so that it gets some shade now too and trimmed off the bottom fronds. All the stuff on the left I am going to try to keep a while longer, and the stuff on the right is done for the season. Will try again when it starts to cool off. Kept a couple of the tomato cuttings and am going to dry a tomato or two for the seed.

My argentine giant cactus is finally showing some growth. It has about an inch of new growth on the top. That has taken over a year. I’m glad it is finally coming into it.

Spent some time vacuuming and dusting, cleaned the bathroom. I also made a potato salad. Not sure if I am going to finish it tho. It upset my stomach. I’m thinking the mayo didn’t agree with me. I had a similar experience the last time I used the mayo. I hate to throw it out tho. I never have potatoes in the house and I love potato salad. I ended up having oatmeal for dinner because my stomach was still unhappy. The mayo is a different brand from what I usually buy.

I only had my windows open about an hour this morning. The temp outside was briefly lower than indoors so I took advantage of it while I could. Looks like the nights might be cooling down a little for a week or so. Upper 70’s. It was 78 degrees when I walked.

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