Friday, June 3, 2016

A fall

Yup, that’s right, the steps finally got me. I am usually very careful as they scare me and I knew at some point I was going to fall on them. Well, I did late yesterday. Thankfully it was from the bottom and not the top. I have some scrapes and bruises, but all in all, very lucky. No sprains, nothing broken. Since the steps are round, I guess I tried to put my foot where there wasn’t any step, and then of course I lost my balance and down I went. I basically rolled down. My right rib and thigh, right foot, left shin, and right forearm. All sore and will be bruised. Lost a little skin on the right foot, right forearm and left shin. Nothing serious.

I just ordered a couch, or more accurately - a futon sleeper. I didn’t get the color I wanted, it was $80 more and I am planning on slip covering it anyway. I went with charcoal and pewter, still in the color scheme I have been using. Let’s hope I like it. I’m bored with the living room and I spend a LOT of time there. That is how I am justifying the purchase. I need a change.

This is the one I ordered. Same couch, just different colors than I had picked out. I will dress it up with colors from Sal’s. Or with some stuff I already have. I still have the red material that I had on the old couch. There is plenty I can do with it. Plus, it opens as a futon from the sides and makes into a bed.

I really don’t have much else this morning. Already 90 degrees at 7 AM, and this is the coolest part of the day. The heat is still building and tomorrow is supposed to be the worst, then a slow cool down to the lower 100's. 

The temps in the cool tub late yesterday was 86 degrees. Warmer than indoors, but still cooler than outdoors at the time. I may have to add ice to it from time to time. Although just getting wet cools me off. Will just have to wait and see.

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