Monday, June 27, 2016

Catching up

It has been a week since I updated. I worked seven days in a row. I got called in on Monday because one of the cashiers was sick, and it has been an absolutely crazy week. I'm dropping weight really fast. I'm eating less and moving a lot more, so my new jeans are already too big. I tried on the pants that were too small when I bought them, and they fit. No surprise really since you are constantly on the move and it is so hot at work there is water running down your face constantly. My cool tub has gotten a real workout this last week.

I did my first solo closing last night. I almost made it without screwing up, but not quite. I'm hoping the next one goes better. I close Thursday thru Sunday this week. I have plenty more chances to figure out what I did wrong. There are a few other things I am doing wrong that I need to figure out too. Plus, I need to learn how to do no receipt returns. I had to ask a customer to come back today because I couldn't figure it out last night.

I got caught up with Howard the other day. Barbara is having more issues. They keep finding tumors and cancerous spots. This time she has some areas in her head. Not good.

I managed to get the sewing machine out the other day and caught up on all the little sewing projects I had waiting. I made the purple pillow covers, put a pocket in the beach towel I have on the chair, remade the neck pillow for the chair, shortened the body pillow cover so that it fits now, and a couple other little things. I think I am going to leave the sewing machine set up on the desk for a while since the desk isn't really being used other than to hold the laptops. I never sit at my desk when I am using the little one which is the one I use unless I am doing web site work. The few times I use the big one I can set it on the table.

Yesterday morning I ordered a bench and a little amish wagon for the yard. Assembly required. But I had about $35 in store and AMEX points, so it reduced the cost, and the wagon was basically free. The green wagon was twice the price, good thing I wanted the red one. 

The bench is going to go at the front end of the house. It needs a little somethingthere. I will put the two little red plant stands on either side. Not sure where thewagon is going to go, but I will find a spot. It was my splurge for the week.

I have also turned the AC down a little. Since I am now working and bringing in a paycheck I can be a little more comfortable. I had it at 80 yesterday and was comfortable, but turned it back up to 84 before I went to work. I may go a happy medium to 82 and just leave it there. Supplement with fans. Last year I kept it at 80, but since it was my first summer, that was warm.

I am so tired of being hot all the time. I thought when I went to work that one of the bennies would be good AC. Boy was I wrong.

I have a few chores to do today, but I cleaned yesterday so I don't have to do that today. I need to go to the post office, Sal's and maybe Roadrunner for some produce. The rest I will wait to buy when I finish work on Wednesday. I want to stay as far away from DG as I can on my days off. I plan to relax, read, soak in the cool tub, nap and generally relax for the next two days. Get my chores done early in the day so I can do just that.

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