Sunday, June 5, 2016

Still hot

Made it to pick up my basket on time. There is a very small window to pick the stuff up. Then I hit the post office and Herbs for a seed block. I took the dead bird to the dumpster after I got back before I parked the car.

This is this week’s haul. Happy to see a little more fruit this time.

The standard basket which is $15.

The additional salad pack which was ten something. I wasn’t happy with the romaine. I had to peel it back quite a bit. The bunnies loved it tho. Plus the spinach was a little bruised and the kale had yellow tips. I am not a huge kale fan, but I chopped it up and cooked it and cooked the spinach since it was bruised and would rot right away. The mangoes are a little soft, but everything else was in pretty good shape. The bananas this time still had their stems thankfully.

I had some of the butter lettuce with an egg and some tomatoes on a tortilla for lunch, and had some of the spinach and a baked potato for dinner. I want to make a potato salad with some of the potatoes.

We hit 117 yesterday. Today is supposed to be about the same. My cool tub was 89 degrees last night. I had to add some water as there was several gallons of evaporation. Tomorrow isn’t going to be much better. 

One of my geraniums baked yesterday. I guess it is time to let the “garden” go for the summer. It will be easier to setup watering with fewer pots to water. I may bring the surviving plants inside the patio to reduce the sun they are getting. As much as I love the color of those geraniums, the plants themselves grow funny. They stay small and I want big beautiful geraniums. I guess I am going to have to go with a different variety on the next ones. Will probably go with red. 

Todays agenda is to do a little cleaning, vac and dust. I might run some vinegar thru the washer as it is starting to smell, and I would like to figure out the plants that I am going to let go and the ones I want to try to save and rearrange accordingly. Although it is already 90 degrees and it is only a little after 6 AM. We’ll see how much I manage to do.

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