Thursday, June 9, 2016

Couch and safety rails

Not much to write about this morning as I haven’t done a whole lot this week. My intentions are good, but it just doesn't happen. I read a lot, and then started watching The Gilmore Girls again. It has been a couple of years since I have watched that and TV is so bad right now. I hate reality shows and game shows and that seems to be all that is on now that the season has ended.

Here is a picture of my new little couch. I stretched out on it and I think it is going to be fine for sleeping, and I like that I can adjust the sides. Much more comfortable than the sleep ottoman. I like to have my head raised when I sleep and I can do that with this one. It is small, but I am pleased with it. Will have to figure out what furniture to remove at some point, but it works for now. I used my mexican blanket to cover it temporarily, but will be looking for some bright jewel tone colors to put on it. Thankfully was an easy assembly once I figured out which leg went where. They were curved and not marked, so I had to play with them to figure out what leg went on what corner.


Have just been looking at railings and things online for my steps. There is no easy fix without destroying the steps, which I like, but am afraid of. For now I am going to get another grab bar for the back side of the steps. If there had been one there before, I wouldn’t have fallen. I still have the scrapes and bruises from that.  I can’t find a rail that matches, but I did find one that I can afford. It is close, same size but chrome instead of brushed nickel. I’m thinking at some point I will just build a little deck over the steps that can be removed if I decide to sell. I hate to destroy the steps. It would change the whole appearance of the patio which is what sold me on the place to begin with. Or I will continue to look for an affordable railing that can be installed without ruining the brick work. I knew those steps would get me at some point.

While I was looking at those, I also looked at a safety rail for the cool tub. Found one I really like but it is $100. The base tucks under the tub so no hard mounting required, and would allow me to stand upright getting in and out instead of bending over to hang on to the side of the tub. I will be ordering that at some point because my tub is definitely a keeper and I want to make it safe.

My tarantula hawk (huge wasp) seems to come in every morning about the same time for a drink of water. That is pretty kool that a bug will do that. I will have to get the pictures on the big camera downloaded soon. 

My garden is just about over. Most everything seems to be shriveling up in the heat, so I think I am just going to let it all go and stop watering. I need to get some water to the palm tree, and I can get that hooked up fairly easily so that it is on the watering system. When we had those warm temps last week, the geranium that got sun for a couple of hours baked. The other one is ok, but it isn’t growing big and beautiful like I want, it is staying too compact. I guess I will have to change varieties to get the bigger plants, which means I will have to change colors too. The tomato plant is done and gone. I did save a couple of tomatoes for seed tho.

Guess that is about it for this morning. Nothing on the agenda for today. We hit 111 yesterday, tomorrow is only supposed to be about 100. Nights in the 70’s. The swamp cooler in the bedroom is working out pretty well. I fire it up about eight-ish and close the bedroom door with the ceiling fan on, and it is just about right for going to sleep. Keeps my neck from getting too warm and preventing me from falling asleep. I can’t sleep when I am sweating. Ugh!

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