Saturday, June 4, 2016

It's hot day and night

We hit 112 yesterday. Will be interesting to see what today brings. Right now it is 80 degrees and it is only 5:30. I blew off walking this morning, just didn’t want to do it. I do have to shower and dress and get over to pick up my bountiful basket before 7, and I need to get a bird block for my critters. I can get that at Herbs, they open at 7 in the summer. 

I’m a little more sore from my fall this morning. I have a nice bruise on my right side and the leg hurts, but no visible bruise the last time I looked. All the skin scrapes are healing up.

I chopped up some of the green onion tops and put them out to dry in the dryer. They were getting quite tall and leggy. Didn’t do a whole lot else. Just tried to stay cool, drank lots and lots of water and read. Dipped in the tub a couple of times. Last night at 9, the water temp was 87 degrees and it was still 95 out.

Off to get my bountiful basket. Hoping for lots of good stuff.

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