Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A fun Monday for a change

I'm thinking maybe the amaryllis will be blooming before Christmas. The paperwhites have finally started growing as well. They are happier in front of the sliding door than they were on the kitchen table. Just a little bit more light.

Got the new mattress finally and got the bed set up. I have been sleeping in there for at least part of the night since I got it all arranged. I did loose a few extra inches in the room because the mattress is wider than I had anticipated, but it is all good. I still gained a lot of useable space by downsizing the bed. 

One of the nights I couldn't sleep I once again pondered and formulated a plan to install a shelf in the garden enclosure. I stopped at Herb's on Saturday after work and bought the materials and Sunday morning I installed it. It isn't quite like I had planned, but is good for now. It gets the pots out of the way and I have a place for the garden implements now.

I ended up putting up two 2x4's on the outside and hung the shelf brackets on the inside through the chicken wire and plastic. There really wasn't anything to attach to on the inside, and this worked out quite well. 

Yesterday turned out to be pretty much a fun day. I went to coffee, and then went to Sal’s. Got a few xmas linens and a really nice outdoor light fixture for $5. Not sure where I will put it but would be a good replacement for the jury rigged light I did a while ago, and I will probably also paint it black before I put it up.

I also got a pretty woven jacket, but I ruined it when I washed it. Oh well. I think I can make a nice pillow cover out of it. Not a total loss. The linens were just some pretty napkins and a red and green plaid dish towel. 

I was restless and cranky yesterday. As you know, I do nothing but work and sleep. So I asked everyone on facebook what they were doing and if anyone was doing anything fun. I was thinking along the lines of shopping or going out to eat. But I got invited to go target shooting again, so I went. This time I took both rifles, the 20g shotgun and Jake’s bolt action .22. I had never fired either of them. The 20g I bought the same time I bought the little ruger. I traded in my mossberg for the single shot crack and load, but had never had the opportunity to try it out. I need a recoil pad for it tho. It has quite a kick and my shoulder is pretty sore. I only fired it a few times because of that. The .22 on the other hand is my new favorite gun. I hit my target (12 oz soda can) every single time. I did with the 20g too. I wasn’t as accurate with my .22 ruger pistol, but was still pretty good. I need more practice with that one. I also got to fire an AR15 assault rifle. That was a really nice gun, not a lot of recoil and very accurate. Once again, I did better than the “boys”. I had no idea that I was a decent shooter. Might invite a couple more girls the next time. Both Kay and Charlene want to go when we go again.

My arsenal… The one on the right is the bolt action .22, the left is the new 20g, and the lower left is my ruger .22. I’m thinking of getting a derringer. I have always wanted one and now that I have someone I can go shoot with, it wouldn’t be a total waste of money. 

Charlene texted and invited me to her camp on BLM for dinner. I contributed a fresh garden salad with mixed greens, peppers and radishes. We had sauteed veggies, corn muffins, polenta and acorn squash with apple pie for desert. It was kind of a rush getting the salad together and getting out there and Charlene had to meet me at the gate so I could follow her to her camp. Met another camper, Sylvianne, and we had dinner and conversation. I didn’t stay late as I was quite tired by then. The salad was my first share from the garden. 
Sylvianne and the campsite….and dinner.

So all in all, it was a fun day. I had forgotten how much I liked target shooting. I get a great sense of satisfaction when we go. And I got to blow away some cans. Plus I met another new person, had a good meal and good conversation. That is always fun.
Today I have to do everything I blew off yesterday. I need to do my xmas stuff and also get the new tarp on the garden as it is going to cool off again this week. Plus more sleep. I only got about three hours last night in addition to the hour or so when I fell asleep reading. No TV last night. I had started a book that I wanted to finish, but didn’t quite make it before I fell asleep. I finished it this morning. But it was really nice to actually get out and do something for a change. I wish I had more time to do stuff like that. Sigh….

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