Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dinner and lights

I have missed breakfast out with the neighbors the last three Sunday's. I was sick, then Glen and Diane went to Mexico and this last Sunday they were still in Phoenix waiting for their daughter to arrive. She was having trouble getting here due to the horrible weather and they had to wait four days for her to finally arrive. Anyway, I didn't feel like dealing with food and cooking yesterday so I asked Keith if he wanted to go get something to eat. I am also trying to make more of an effort do do something fun each week other than sleeping and working. 

We went to the new restaurant, La Casa Gold, and weren’t impressed. We both had the taco salad, Keith’s was chicken and mine was ground beef. They were very stingy with the sour cream and salsa, should have been at least double what they gave us and they put the meat on the bottom! I have never had one with meat on the bottom before. Took a while before we actually got to it. The ambiance is ok, lots of wood, the tables were beautiful polished wood, didn’t notice the chairs. Still smells a little musty because the building had been closed up a couple of years. And the service was just OK. Nothing really bad to write about it, but nothing really nice either. 

This was at the restaurant. Very pretty.

After dinner we took a ride over to Olinger Ave to see the light display I had been reading about. It was pretty impressive. You get to walk around this guy’s yard and see everything. We ran into Connie and Bob my neighbors when I was out in the desert. I see them at least once a year. We drove around a little more and looked at more lights.  I did not take pictures, there was just way too much to look at. All in all, it was a fun evening and it was nice to get out. I’m glad I made the effort even tho I didn’t really feel like going by the time dinner time came around.
On the negative side, when I went to bed I kept hearing this ticking noise. I have a water drip under the building somewhere and it is dripping on the heating ductwork and is being amplified. I really don’t need a water leak or a loud drip. I had heard it once before a year or so ago and it went away. I’m hoping it will this time too. Could be the result of the cold weather, something loosening up enough to drip, or condensation or something. I’ll deal with it next week if it is still dripping. I did manage to go to sleep in spite of that. Maybe Mark can fix it for me. I keep expecting the water heater to die. It is quite old and with the water here the life on those things is shortened considerably. So far so good tho.

Today I have to make a dumpster run and I tracked my innersoles for my work shoes, they won’t be at the post office until tomorrow, so I will probably wait until tomorrow to go there. 

When we got back last night UPS had been here and I still have the two boxes to open. One is the recoil pad for my shotgun and the other is the two floor lamps. I’ll get those assembled and in place this morning so I can get rid of the cardboard when I go to the dumpsters. I need to move the golf cart to the other side of the trailer so Mike will have a place to park when he is here. I’ll do that if I use the golf cart for the dumpster run.

Haven’t checked on the garden this morning. It wasn’t quite as cold last night. It had the added light and was quite bright.


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