Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

The above image is my amaryllis plant that bloomed for New Year's

I came home from work and crashed. Fell asleep early and was up most of the night. I did get to see the fireworks from the street in front of my house. That was nice. Other than that, no celebration for me. 

Lots and lots of rain this last week. I'm having to push the water off the garden roof with a broom as it is puddling. I ordered a new clear reinforced tarp, a larger one this time and I hope it helps. The new one will come down over three sides and will be fastened and hopefully won't stretch. The first one wasn't quite wide enough and allowed water to get under it and puddle on the original vinyl as well as the reinforced tarp, twice as much water up there. I may have to break down and put a solid clear roof up, but am hoping I don't have to spend the money. 


  1. think about craigs list or habitat for old windows to use for your roofing