Saturday, August 26, 2017

A splurge

I have made it thru my three nights, and it is downhill from here. 5.5 hours today, 8 tomorrow and I am done for the week. Yay! I am getting so sick of the same old, same old every week. I need the weather to break so I can start doing something. Soon! I am also tired of being hot and sweaty whenever I am not sitting in front of my fan indoors with the AC on. Every freaking minute. At least I am not in Texas. Harvey hit landfall in Rockport. That is where I spent several days with Kali Cat when she got sick. It was a nice town. I wonder what it looks like now. The campground I was in was only a few hundred feet from the water. I imagine there is going to be a lot of damage. Port Aransas, where I was heading when Kali Cat got sick, was also hit pretty hard. I never made it there.

I just splurged and ordered this set from Walmart. They were out of the red, so I went with what they had. I will probably cover the cushions anyway. It should be here next week. Delivered to my door. 
This is going to go where my work bench is on the patio. My cool tub area will finally have some decent furniture. I have been using a zero gravity chair, but it isn’t comfortable. I will probably put both of them in the yard sale this fall. I need something I can put my feet on without stressing my foot and the zero grav chair isn’t doing it for me. With the way the seat bows when I sit in it, too much stress on my hips, and my feet are never comfortable. I considered just getting another recliner like the ones I already have, but found this set and it is only $50 more than just the one chair. More for the money. Yes, it is a splurge, but I think in the long run, it will end up being a necessity. Tired of having to disassemble chairs to move them around and I will have two areas to chose from - private sitting area and not so private. Eventually I might swap the sets around, but we will see which set is most comfortable where. Would also make a nice indoor set. I could also mix and match the two sets.
Still haven’t decided where the work bench is going yet. I may still cut it down for the living room, or, when I get the shed cleaned up, try to squeeze it in there. I would have to relocate the tool chest. We’ll see how it all works out. First thing I will have to do is get it moved out of the space. Then I will decide what to do with it. Moving it is going to be a pain in the ass, I am going to have to take down part of the wall to do that. Good thing it isn’t mortared in.

Hmmm…a small outdoor living room to decorate for Christmas…getting ideas already. The cool tub itself will be stored at the back of the house by then. 

I think I am feeling a bit better today. I had cottage cheese for dinner last night, took some probiotics and some fiber pills. Will keep that up for a couple of days, but at least I don’t have the pains today. Just a little sore from yesterday.

We have our end of season clearance sale going on this weekend and I did buy a rug. Normally $35, I got it for $17.50. I may grab another today, there are only a few left and that is a good price. I can put it in the trailer and either use it there, or just store it there until I find a spot for it. The one I did buy is going right here in the cool tub area. It is going to be nice when it is done. 

I also picked up this sign for the garden, again, half price. :) Been waiting for that to go on sale.

I still need to talk to Tom about my vacation. Would like to get that scheduled before anyone else asks for time off. Janet has already requested two days at the end of September. I would still like to wait until October, but that is up to Tom. We might be too busy by then. September should still be cooler than August. I am ready for a break. Big time. Customers are pissing me off left and right lately. More than usual. I just need a break. It has been one year and two months of full time labor. I’m afraid that I am not going to want to go back after my vacation is up tho. But I will just have to deal with it. 

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