Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kitchen backsplash

They got started on the roads really early yesterday and wrapped up around 3 PM for the day. From what I have been told, only my street and the next one over is left. I’m hoping it is done early, should be since they did most of the park in one day and only have the two streets left. I didn’t even attempt to go out. Sounds like they are getting ready to get started now, so they should be long gone by the time I have to leave at 3 today. It’s going to start smelling like paving very shortly and I will have to close up the house.

For the first time this summer it is actually cooler outside than inside and I have it opened up again exchanging the air. But they are starting on the roads again and the sun is coming up so it is just about time to close it up again. I don’t think my AC is running as often. Yay, hopefully that means a bit lower electric bill this month.

I finally got my backsplash tiles up. It wasn’t too hard, and isn’t a perfect job, but looks so much better than that fugly wall paper. I had one package left over and will save that for replacements or repairs. These are faux tiles, peel and stick. They weren't too hard to install. I hope they stay up.


Not sure what the next project will be, bathroom walls or the living room and kitchen floors…I should see how much it would cost me to have them all done in laminate flooring. I’m sure it is out of my price range tho. And those cupboards need to either be replaced or resurfaced. Problem is, they are laminate and won’t be easy to deal with. I could try rearranging the cool tub area, but the work bench won’t have a spot until I decide if I am going to chop it down into a window seat or not, and I don’t want to bring that indoors until the floors are done. I still need to clean up out in back of the shed and the garden from last week’s roofing project too. I may take the black wire shelf from in back of the shed and use it in the cool tub area. Have to find a spot for the scrap lumber I have and am thinking of putting that in the storage bench. That would go a long way towards neatening up the area. I save the scraps for firewood and small construction projects. And of course, the shed, again, needs to be cleaned out and organized. I can’t walk in there yet again and the benches have a bunch of stuff on them. The shed is my dumping ground. So lots and lots to do around here. 

There is always something to do around here. Projects galore.

Back to work today. Sigh....

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