Saturday, August 12, 2017

Catching up

I was reminded the other day that I hadn't posted in a while. A lot and nothing has happened since I last wrote. My increase that I mentioned was an automatic annual increase, I did get another quarter after that. I am not quite so cranky about it. Although, 20 years ago, I still made more money than I do now.

My foot is being managed. The bursitis is under control, but it takes me about ten minutes a day to get my feet ready for work. I am still taping the heel because if I don't the bursitis kicks in. I am also taking ibuprofen before work and a topical pain killer. It gets me through most of my shift. I change the insole weekly in the right shoe and am wearing shoes with no backs on them. The thought of putting on a shoe with a back makes me shudder. That is what caused the bursitis to begin with. I may be stuck in Teva sandals for the duration of my "career" at DG.

It has been very hot, too hot to spend much time outdoors. And since I am indoors in my tiny home most of the time, I get bored looking at the same thing during all my waking hours. I got an itch to work on the kitchen so I got rid of my stove (hated the thing and gave it away), put in a new section of counter top and got a counter top electric cook top. I ordered faux tiles for the back splash, but due to our wonderful USPS service and the fact that the sender dropped my PO box number off the package, it got returned. Eight weeks later I finally have my tiles. I'm hoping to get them up on Monday. But I am already itching to move on to the next project which is to remove the carpet in the living room and put something else down. I think it is going to be berber carpet squares to keep the cost down and those I can do myself.

I have had several encounters with Arizona wild life. Caught lizards in the store, had a rattle snake relocated, had a small lizard climb me. A kangaroo rat in the yard, and of course the bunnies and coyotes. 

And this last week I finally got the clear roofing installed on the garden. That was pricey, but it should prevent big pockets of water when it rains. 

I ordered a lot more soil for the garden as it is almost planting time again and the soil has settled a LOT. 

The garden is pretty much dormant right now. I have a few things that have survived, two desert willow seedlings, some green onion and some rhubarb chard and my dandelions of course, but nothing that is producing. Everything else basically dried up and blew away.

Big storm blew through on Friday doing quite a bit of damage. Was without power at work for almost three hours. Was a scramble to get things back up and running when it finally came back on. But we got it done. Lots of damage around town, but I only lost a cactus and a shade sail.

I already have the replacement, I had ordered two last year when I had to replace it then. 

And some photos from the storm...

We lost another tree at work, and there was a dumpster rolling down the street. Lots and lots of water and wind.

My new roof on the garden held up just fine. :)

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