Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Getting ready

I got ambitious the other day and got the work bench moved out of the cool tub area and got that area cleaned up and ready for the new furniture. Still haven't heard anything on the delivery and I go back to work today. May have to have one of the neighbors sign for it, hopefully not tho.

It slid right out with about an inch to spare. I didn't have to take anything apart to get it out of there. It spent the night on the patio since I hadn't decided where I was going to put it, plus, it got too hot too fast to do any more grunt work.

Yesterday I disassembled the grow bench and put the work bench in it's spot and put the grow bench on top of the work bench. That is good for now. We don't get a lot of rain, so it should be good for a while. If I decide to turn the work bench into a window seat I can reassemble the grow bench.

The cool tub area is now sporting one of the new rugs I bought over the weekend and my two folding chairs. I have been sitting out there the last couple of days until it gets too hot to stay outside.

I think the new furniture will fit just fine. I hope.

It is still too hot to do much of anything outside. I have plenty waiting to be done, but it will have to wait until it cools off some. Hopefully very soon. My tolerance to the heat seems to be less this year, but it could be just perception. Hot is hot, with or without humidity. The humidity adds another layer to it tho. Going to be another high electric bill this month. 

Just about time to get the garden up and going again, but it has to cool down some so I can get the new liner and soil into it. 

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