Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New steps, finally!

The steps still aren’t quite done, but they are in place. He still needs to shim under the top deck part and then enclose the front of the steps. That needs to be done so that I don’t have any nasty surprises from any local critters - namely rattle snakes, and for appearances. The brick steps are undamaged and just waiting for someone in the future to unearth them. 

The first time I opened the door after they brought the steps in, was quite an experience. I had forgotten they were there and it startled me. Was kind of funny. Hoping they will be complete today. Will cost a little extra because he needs to buy more lumber for the fronts.

I didn’t do much yesterday. Slept, like I always do on Monday’s lately. In fact, Mark and his guy got here, opened the front gates, took both shade sails down and rolled up the side of the patio enclosure before I even realized someone was here. I had been snoozing. But in my defense, I can’t hear anything over the big fan in the living room. 

I will need to rearrange the little wall, curtain, and cool tub area. I will loose space. Haven’t quite figured out how I am going to do that yet. I’m going to loose about three feet, so the space will be considerably smaller. I may have to buy some more blocks, but we’ll see. 

The guy in the red shirt is Mark. The other guy is someone he got to help him move the steps. As you can see, the original steps are still there and untouched. That will be covered up later today hopefully. I should have a picture of the completed steps tomorrow.

My black rug that I have on the patio will fit pretty much perfectly on the top. I think it looks pretty good and will be much safer. It is already easier going in and out the door. I did have to take the original safety rail down as it was in the way of the new railing. I have some screw holes to fill and some paint to fix, but there is no rush on that. Will have to find my wood filler.

I splurged on some dishes this week. I found them on Amazon originally, but after some searching, found them for less at Walmart. I don't really need them, was looking for a fruit bowl, but really, really liked this set. Nice coffee mugs...would have bought just the mugs if they were affordable separately, but I would have paid more for four mugs than I paid for the whole set. They will brighten the place up considerably.

Work is still work. Lately I have been doing back to backs on Saturday and Sunday and it is exhausting. Not enough time between shifts to rest and for my body to recover. I sleep a good part of Sunday afternoon and Monday after my work week. It's a crap job, but it is a paycheck. I'm hoping something better comes along soon. I would love a Monday thru Friday work week with set hours. I hate the fact that I can't plan ahead and that my hours are constantly changing. In fact, I went in on Wednesday and found out they had changed the schedule and I had to sit around and wait another half hour before I could start. That wasn't very nice.

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