Friday, August 26, 2016

The steps are done!

Yup, the steps are finally finished. Much more stable and sturdy now that they have been shimmed and enclosed. They look good. I'm happy with them. A little over budget, but less than hospital expenses if I really hurt myself on the brick and concrete. I was lucky with both falls that it was just bruises and scrapes and nothing broken.

Don't they look nice? :) I still have to move a few things around. Want to clear the potting stuff from the bottom shelf of the bench in the cool tub area and I need to find a new home for the hitch box that I had been using as a table. I have a couple of options for that. I could cut the bottom out and put it over my water pipes in the back, put it under the potting bench with all the pots in it, or put it over by the fence and use it as a wood box for the chiminea. Haven't decided yet. I will need to relocate the golf cart stuff that I stored inside it for any of those. I really could use another shed. I guess I will just have to reorganize this one again soon. I can't seem to keep the benches clear and useable, everything that goes into the shed ends up on the benches until I get around to putting stuff away.

It is a beautiful morning this morning. About 78 degrees. Actually cooler outside than inside. I have the bedroom window open and the fan going to exchange the air indoors. I will have to close it up soon, but it is really nice to be able to do that, it has been months since I have been able to open a window or the door.

I'm going to have to think about finding some crushed rock for the yard while I have a paycheck coming in. It really needs a new layer. It is pretty thin in places and the bunnies have been digging holes.

Still not much going on in my life. Work, sleep and waiting to go to work. I'm lonely and would love to have someone special in my life, but it isn't looking promising. Took me a long time to find Jake and it will probably take longer to find someone else. Sigh...

Now that we are looking forward to some cooler weather it is time to think about finishing up the camper and putting the bar light on the front of the golf cart. It has been too hot to even think about doing either of those projects.

I did take half the day on Tuesday and reconfigured the cool tub area. I lost about three feet to the steps. It is smaller but is still useable. I had to rearrange things a little and rebuild the little wall I have the fireplace on. I reduced it from three blocks to two and a half to allow me enough foot space to walk between the wall and the steps, and moved it a couple of feet back. Swapped the curtains on the front and the back, took down the shade sail and put up some sarongs to block the late morning sun instead. Plus they add color.

The new filter pump also arrived on Tuesday, just in time as I had to drain the tub to move it, and I cleaned it and started it up with bromine this time. The bigger pump unfortunately won't work on solar, drains the battery too fast and the controller shuts it down. But I don't think it uses all that much electricity so I am not going to worry about it. 

I took down the non working solar light over the front of the patio by the driveway and put up one of the path lights. It has a motion sensor and throws off quite a bit of light. I may put up a couple more at some point, but it lights the way when I get home from work at night. Hopefully these lights will last longer than the fixture I took down and tossed. 

I'm going to miss yet another meal out with the park neighbors this afternoon. They are going to the Grubstake at 5 for the fish fry, but I work until 5:30. I will be to achy and tired to go then. And since I have been working Sunday's I also miss Sunday morning breakfast now. That was my only social life. I hate having to work. I have so little social life and trying to do stuff with people that are retired and schedule things in the middle of the day isn't easy. I don't have the freedom that they have.

Well, I'm off to try and get another hour or so of sleep. Four hours just doesn't cut it. Seems to be all I can manage tho. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I'm up after four hours. I'm tired.

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