Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Snakes, palms and dishes

I had a baby king snake in the yard yesterday morning. Got some video and a few pictures. Here is the link for the video....

I have three grapefruit! Three visible ones anyway. There might be more, but I won’t know until they start ripening.

I decided to paint the wooden bowl that all my work crap goes into each night. Here is before and after. 

Jack from across the street was trimming the dead stuff off his palm tree and volunteered to do mine. My palm tree before and after…

And finally, my dishes. I love them. I still need to find a home for them as I got them late in the day and since I had to go to work, didn’t get them taken care of. Each plate has a different colored center. They are very nice and very bright.



  1. Wow--what a difference between your beautiful grapefruit tree now and that poor scraggly thing you had when you first moved in. Love your dishes...

    1. I love the dishes tool :) As for the tree, I decided not to prune it this summer and let it grow. I may shape it up a little later tho. You wouldn't know it was the same tree.