Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Still hot and dry

Last week I approved the plan for the steps and gave him the materials money. I am still waiting for them. This has been the longest simple project I have dealt with. Not pleased with the amount of time this has taken. I am hoping they will be in place before the week is out.

Not much happening around here. Glen and Diane are back, Lois and Rusty took off for a couple of weeks. It has been hot and humid and very uncomfortable and I am past ready for the heat to break. We still have a few more weeks before that will happen though, probably more like four to six weeks.

I have been watching DVD's all summer. Started with Gilmore Girls and moved on to McLeod's Daughters. Since I only have about two nights a week at home, it is taking a long time to get through them. I have the final season of Castle on the way and season 8 of Heartland. I had to buy a region free DVD player for McLeod's Daughters, and my Heartland DVD is coming from the UK. Isn't available here yet.

Thinking about buying a subscription free TIVO for over the air TV. It is pretty pricey tho, almost $400. I am in a spending moratorium right now tho. So I am still thinking about it. It is on my wish list.

I still haven't found a decent affordable unlimited internet service. I look about once a month. At some point, something should become available. I prefer prepaid as I hate monthly bills. I have almost enough money set aside for the winter bills...park dues, taxes, etc.

Work is work. The new manager is OK. Patsy is back from vacation but is thinking about transferring. The store is finally in decent shape, just in time for the busy season. We are still short handed, but I have been working fewer hours the last week or two. Figure that one out. Makes for tiny paychecks.

I have several projects that are waiting to get done. I have the light bar for the front of the golf cart and more work to do on the stealth camper, but it is way too hot to be doing anything outside yet.

Kay took me for a ride in her side by yesterday. That was something I hadn't done yet. It was freakin hot (115 degrees) add engine heat and sun to that and it was quite uncomfortable. Especially around my lower legs and feet. But it was still fun and I am glad I got to experience that.

I'm still loosing weight. Yay. Lost another pound last week. I exceed my daily exercise goal at work almost every day I work. Sunday I hit 139%. That is about three miles of walking. Add weight lifting to that and it is a full body work out five days a week. I should have my A1C checked, it should be back down around 6.0, where it should be.

We haven't gotten any rain. All the storms seem to just go around us. We have had two small monsoons and one dust storm so far this season and the season will be over next month. A very dry summer. The trees I have been watching over on C Street are turning yellow and I have had to adjust the watering system. I need to go check on them this morning to make sure it is working. I would hate for either of them to die. 

I haven't had any projects or made anything since I started working last fall other than the stealth camper and a few things around the house. I seemed to have lost all my creativity and motivation. I was hoping the Paper Pumpkin monthly kits would jump start something, but so far that hasn't happened. With only two days a week off, it just seems impossible. I am actually thinking about liquidating some of my jewelry supplies. But that is still in the "thinking" stage. There are so many people here that make jewelry that mine isn't unique any more. 

Guess that is about it for this week. Nothing new and exciting. Pretty boring. Maybe some day I will get back to doing things and having some fun. 

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