Sunday, October 23, 2016

Garden is almost ready!

I started my new job on Monday. There is so much to learn! I have no experience with the legal system, so it is all brand new to me. Lots of little details, lots and lots that I don't know. 

It is an interesting group of ladies. I'm hoping I will eventually will find my niche in the office. For now I am the new girl and I don't know anything. They tried to ease me into it slowly, I did nothing but read and listen for four days. Then Friday afternoon, I took my first phone calls. I fumbled my way through them, asking lots of questions and putting people on hold. I hope I improve considerably this week. I really hope once I get a handle on things that I will like this job.

Mark got started on my garden on Monday too. He came back Tuesday, Thursday, and today and it is finally finished!

It is now done except for adding more soil. I got an early start and got my laundry washed and hung, got the shelf installed over the washer but had to modify it. It was too wide so I had to cut it down some and I didn’t have room to use the actual mounting brackets that came with it, so I ended up just putting a couple of screws in the wall to hold it in place and rested it on top of the washer. It works, I have a place for the laundry bottles. Will get a pic at some point. 

Then I went to DG for a few groceries, chat with Tom and get my cardboard. I literally filled my car, I unloaded two rolltainers. I was only going to get one, but there was plenty there so I did two. I could have used a third. Oh well. 

I unloaded the cardboard over the fence so I wouldn’t have to make 500 trips back and forth from my driveway. That is a lot of cardboard.

When I got back, Mark was just setting up to install the door and the last of the chicken wire. I relaxed while he was doing that.

He even installed my new clothesline brackets, now all I have to do is string them. I did have to move my scrap lumber rack around the corner, but there should be plenty of room to hang clothes. I’m going to use paracord for the clothes line initially. I have spent enough money and will use what I have on hand. Hope to have that strung next weekend.

I started filling the base with cardboard. Like I said, a third rolltainer would have been better. I didn’t have enough soil. :( I ordered more, six bales this time and that cost me $400. The soil has now officially exceeded the cost of the garden itself. Not good, but I need it. Good thing I won’t have to do this again. I can just top it off as it settles.

I got the weed cloth installed, ran out of staples and the ones I have don’t fit my staple gun. I only needed about three more, so I used the three hammer in staples that Mark left behind to finish that up. I didn’t get a picture with just the weed cloth.

Then I started filling it with soil. Started with the coconut coir. I had six blocks of that, but again, could have used more. But it will be a good thing to hold the moisture in. I also dumped all my pots of soil from last season in as filler, then my six bags of pro mix. Still waiting for two, but that still wouldn’t be enough. I will keep those for filling plant pots and use the bales that I ordered to finish filling the garden when they get here. Hopefully Wednesday, give it a couple of days to settle and I hope to plant next weekend.

The coir pretty much quadrupled in size once it got rehydrated. Looks like pretty kool stuff and I will keep that in mind for the future.

I need about another eight to ten inches of soil or more to bring it up to where I need it.

It is definite progress and once I get the soil, it will be ready to plant. Yay. It is going to take years to recoup what I spent on it tho. Assuming I actually get produce. 

I got the rock raked back around the garden and into the walk way. Mark literally wore a path thru the yard going back and forth. I really need a load of rock for the yard as it is way too thin and I have nowhere to steal from to cover the nekkid spots. Really could use a couple of inches of new rock. I guess I will have to see where I can get it and how much it will cost. I have been putting that off for a while because of the expense.

Tossing around the idea of building a false front for the top and putting up a sign of some sort. I think it would finish it off nicely. I also want to put a couple of window boxes on the front and a couple of metal flowers that I want to get at DG today. It looks kind of funny as is. I would probably make a sign of some sort to go on it too. 

Maybe something like this.... I like the one on the left.

Ants were already crawling over the fresh pine. I will need to spread some bug stuff around the outside. Mark and I are both very happy with the finished product. 

I wore myself out yesterday. Fell asleep even earlier than usual, so I have been up since about 12:30. I hope I can get another hour of sleep before I have to get ready for work this morning. I have so many things I want/need to do, but with my work schedule the last few weeks, I just don't have the time or energy to get things done.

Talked with Mark about the wall for the trailer, he doesn’t think it will be a problem and is going to do it for me. We are going with a pocket door. That will be the last big project for that and the rest will be finish work. I’m going to get one of those screens you hang over the door to finish that part up.

That about wraps up my one day off in 15 days. Long shift at DG today, so I won’t be up to doing anything when I get done. And back to Quartzsite Justice Court tomorrow. I will be very happy when Saturday gets here and I will have two days off. A couple of weeks after that a three day weekend, and then there will be Thanksgiving weekend shortly after that. Hoping to be able to start going to Sunday breakfast with the neighbors again next Sunday.

Chad and SusAnn got back on Tuesday. Was nice to see them. We visited for a few minutes Tuesday evening and I have seen them several times since. The park is filling up.

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