Friday, October 14, 2016

Prepping for the new garden

Yesterday I got ambitious and took down the ugly old clothesline. I had to dig out the base as it had been set in concrete so it took a little longer than I had hoped, but it is done and waiting. I also raked back the gravel where the garden will be sitting, no sense in wasting good gravel when I already need more. At some point I will have to break down and order a load since there are several spots in the yard where it is very thin. But that can wait for now.

I filled the hole and watered it down to compact it. That is just about where the walk way will be. I would like it to be solid under foot. I may pave it eventually, but for now will rake the gravel in to walk on.

I found some clothesline brackets on AmazonUK that I can mount on the far side of the garden that will use otherwise unusable space and still give me a clothes line. I considered mounting a folding one on the back of the house, but it is difficult to get there since the back of the patio is closed up. Had to search far and wide to find the ones I ordered as they aren't sold in the US. Go figure. I hated the old clothes line, it is ugly and wasted too much precious yard space. I will now be using that area to grow food and can hang my laundry off the outside. Multitasking.. :) I will end up with four 7 foot sections of line to use. Should be plenty.

I have the coconut coir, the weed cloth, some bags of soil, waiting for the soaker hoses, and have the worm castings. So I am just about ready to go when Mark get the structure done. Hoping to have seed planted by the end of next week. I am already about a month behind in the season. But with the sides and top I should be able to cover it and extend the season with any luck.

I have some cardboard to fill the bottom before putting in the soil, but will need more. And I know where I can get some. Planning on loading up some at work this weekend and if that isn't enough there is a dumpster for cardboard only here in the park. It will eventually turn into soil. No sense in wasting money on bags of soil to fill such a large area when I can do it for free without all the heavy lifting.

The soaker hoses will go on a timer so I won't have to worry about stuff drying out if I don't have enough time to water in the mornings. I may even put up the mister hose I have sitting in the shed doing nothing. I'm sure the plants wouldn't mind.

The modified version of the U shaped kit is going to cost me about $700. That is still less than the kit and it will be high enough to enclose and turn into a greenhouse of sorts. It will be pine/fir instead of cedar, but should be good for a couple of years. I will eventually have to replace pieces, but I am so looking forward to some fresh greens. I am hoping it will pay for itself eventually.

Got some pieces of railroad tie for the driveway. I don't know if they will work or not, will find out tonight when I get home from work. I may have to dig them into the ground and possibly stake them. They need to be removable since they are right in front of the double gates. Time will tell.

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