Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Still feel I made the right decision

It was nice not doing much of anything yesterday. I am still processing the whole job situation, but I’m pretty sure I made the right decision for me. I didn’t like it there. And I don’t think it would have improved. I am relived that I don’t have to go back. I still feel a little guilty about the way the whole thing went down, but it is done now. 

The one person who friended me on FB from the new job seemed to think my feelings were hurt from the girls talking about me. Well, they aren’t. You have to care about someone to be hurt by them and I don’t care about them, haven’t been there long enough. It wasn’t what made me quit, I could deal with that crap if I had liked the job, it was just the catalyst. While sitting there listening to them, I realized that I didn’t have to stay at a job I didn’t like. So I am actually grateful they did what they did, otherwise I would still be there and none of us would be happy. She thinks I should have stayed and talked to the Judge, but I don’t feel that would have done any good. The judge has bigger things to worry about than dealing with petty office politics. It wouldn’t have changed how I felt about the job itself either.

I got a two hour nap in the afternoon and that felt good. I needed it. But of course I am up in the wee hours again. 

The last two bags of soil and my second set of soaker hoses came yesterday and I decided to put them in the shed. But that meant I needed to do a little reorganizing because once again  I couldn’t walk in there. Things had been going in, but nothing had been coming out. That created more stuff that needed to go to the dumpsters, so after I got the shed reorganized, I took the over loaded golf cart and off I went. 

Spent some time proof reading Pat’s new book. I had told her a couple of weeks ago that I would, but with the new job and all, I forgot. I haven’t finished it yet, but I should today. It’s kind of kool that I get to read books before they go to print. 

While organizing the shed, I realized that I am missing one of the clothesline brackets. I had one unboxed, but am not sure if it is the missing one or not. The tracking info says it was delivered, but I can’t find it. I will look again today, and then if I still can’t find it, will send an email. I am planning on stringing the ones that Mark put up for me so they will be ready the next time I need it. 

There is a whole list of things I could do today. Not sure I will do any of them. We’ll see what I feel like doing as the day progresses. I will be working mostly nights now, so I will have my mornings back and will have some time to do some things. 

It rained last night. It was just starting to sprinkle when I got back from the dumpsters. We had a full fledged thunderstorm. The power even went out long enough to screw up the clocks and my outdoor light sensor. I will have to make sure the light is back up and running by tomorrow as I will need it when I get home from work. Hopefully this sensor survived the outage, the last one didn’t and I had to replace it.  It was cloudy all day and was actually kind of nice. Doesn’t happen very often. A little break from the sun. But the humidity is back up and is supposed to hang around for a couple of days. I didn’t get to watch DWTS last night as I couldn’t get the TV antenna tweaked properly. The storm probably had something to do with that. I will try again tonight to get that lined up and working again. Not that I have been watching all that much TV lately anyway.

I have one more snowmobile website to do. Just got a batch of emails. Not sure I will deal with them today tho. It is supposed to be my day off. I go back to DG at 3 tomorrow.  I can do that in the morning. This one is easier as there are no special scripts or forms involved.

Yesterday was kind of an eating day. I think it probably had to do with stress and upset. Hoping I do better today. I really don’t want to start gaining weight again. Plus, I have to stop buying junk food and bringing it home. If it isn’t here, I can’t eat it.

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