Monday, November 28, 2016

Today will be my Thanksgiving

My goal for the day is to do pretty much nothing. I have everything I need to make a Thanksgiving dinner, don't even have to cook the turkey. I have stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and even a mini pumpkin pie from one of my neighbors, so I will be fixing myself the meal that I missed on Thursday. My other goal is to watch Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life. All at once. A marathon.

Of course, since I worked last night, I will be napping off and on as well. Sounds like a good day to me.

I have decided to downsize the bed in the bedroom. Since I have been sleeping in the chair more and more, the big bed is just a waste. I haven't used it for company more than once and that was a single individual, so I have decided that space could be put to better use. I ordered a twin mattress and will separate the two halves of the bed frame and make a daybed. Then I am going to move my desk and chair and a couple other things in and use it as an office/spare room type of deal. I hope to be able to sleep in there again, but for now I am getting more sleep in my chair, so am going to go with that for a while. I don't get enough sleep as it is.

I started my third year in Quartzsite on the 26th. A milestone. Doesn't feel like I have been here that long and so many changes since I pulled in with Ody. Nothing ever stays the same, and that is a good thing.

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