Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Monday and Tuesday

Monday morning, in spite of being exhausted, I went to the post office to pick up my packages. There was about a half hour wait. Reuben was the only one on window and this was the line. It isn't even December yet. 

Before I went to the post office I stopped at Salvation Army. They have all their Christmas stuff out and I found several things. This is my haul and I only spent $3.50.

Got the house mostly cleaned yesterday. The vacuum did bother my carpal tunnel, but the floors needed it. I even dusted. I also did my shredding. That took a lot longer than it should have, lots of little time slips and receipts. It kept over heating and shutting down so I had to wait for it to cool off before I could continue. I think I am going to get a bigger shredder, something with an automatic on switch when I put paper in and a larger receptacle. I might do it more often then, like whenever I need to get rid of a time slip or a receipt so it doesn’t build up. And if it does build up, it won’t take as long to do. I hate shredding.

I decided to get rid of the Halloween decorations and dug out my xmas stuff. I put up the new tiny tinsel tree and put lights and a bead garland on it and my two snowmen ornaments with Jake and my names on them. We bought those on one of our last vacations together. I need to buy some tiny ornaments to finish it up, most of mine are way too big for the tiny tinsel tree.

I have more to do, but didn’t want to go overboard since it isn’t even December yet. I will probably add stuff as I find it. I'm not done with Sal's yet.

This is the carved wood santa I got the other day. He has glue around his mouth and I’m not sure how to get it off. You can’t really see it unless you look closely, I may not try as I don't really want to have to repaint it.

And these are the dishes. I found two plates and a platter to match on eBay and ordered them. They are the Gibson 2002 series. Those of course cost a lot more, but I really like them..

Both amaryllis pots fit in the new basket although it was a tight squeeze.

Cleaning and decorating took me up to about lunch time. I had already eaten lunch when Glen and Diane drove up and asked if I wanted to go for a burger. Unfortunately I hadn’t showered or dressed and had on my daytime jammies. They tried to convince me that I looked fine, but I said no. I would have liked to have gone, but a little notice would have been nice. I won’t go out in public in my jammies, daytime or night time.

A quick nap in the afternoon, some reading, and then some TV. 

That was the extent of my two days off. Looks like I will be having some website work later today or tomorrow for one of the snowmobile sites. 

I still need to enclose the garden. The nights are in the 40’s and I think I am going to change the watering to every other day for a while. But I will save that for Monday and Tuesday. Of course I found the staples that I knew I had but couldn't find for the staple gun after I ordered and received ones that fit. Sigh...

My work schedule will be changing now that we have another full time key holder. Looks like I will be getting some days and not closing five nights per week. We’ll see how that goes. Right now I have no life and I don’t like it. Today I go in at 3 and tomorrow is 10 to 3:30. Then back to nights for at least Friday. I should get the new schedule when I go in today. 

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