Friday, November 25, 2016

Worst Thanksgiving?

OK! I am finally settling down to write this morning. I think I can safely say that yesterday was the worst Thanksgiving I have ever had.

It was a miserable day, surprisingly busy at work, but I guess we were the only game in town. I was all set for my six hour shift, then the cashier that was supposed to work last night called in with an emergency. I was the manager on duty and there was no one else to call so I ended up working a double shift. 12 hours on three hours sleep. 12 hours constantly on the move and on my feet. It was a very long day. In spite of being so tired, my drawer was only off by twenty cents. I wish it had been spot on, but I will settle for 20 cents over. I knew I was tired, so I was watching myself and not working on auto pilot like I usually do.

My Thanksgiving dinner was a Hormel Completes turkey, gravy and stuffing and it was horrible. We didn’t have any frozen turkey dinners in the freezer. I did have an eggnog with that. As bad as it was, it lasted the shift and I wasn’t starving by the time I left.  This morning Judy dropped off my plate that Diane saved for me, so I will have a good lunch before I go to work today. And tonight, one of my customers is supposed to bring a fish fry dinner for me. I work every Friday night, so I don’t get to do that any more. I missed that. She gave me hers last week and it was really good. She comes in and buys beer every night, so I think I will buy a six pack for her. It is much less than I would have paid for the dinner and she refused money. I really need to get her name…I’m horrible with names.

Tomorrow they are going to have turkey noodle soup at the club house, I will be able to do that before I go to work. It is supposed to be at 1 and I don’t work until 3. I really would have liked to have been at the potluck yesterday, but I opted for the extra pay. I didn't know it was going to be a double shift.  I would have been called in anyway since Marie didn’t show again. I will be able to do the Christmas one tho, the store is closed that day.

I ordered two wrist braces online this morning (I can’t find my old one). One for daytime and one for night. My carpal tunnel is beyond the point of just numbness, there is also a pretty heavy duty ache with it. Surprisingly it wasn’t the lifting and stocking that has bothered me, but all the time on the register. I have been spending a lot more time on the register lately and that will be a regular thing until April. They keyboard is about shoulder height and is very bad for me. And since I got extra hours yesterday, I also ordered a new shredder. I had been wanting it for a while now and figured I would just bite the bullet and get it. The little one I got at Salvation Army just isn’t big enough for what I shred. I wait too long to do it and have too much. It keeps over heating and a twenty minute job turns into several hours while I wait for it to cool down and work again. Pain in the ass. Plus, it has a bigger container and I won’t have to empty it every time I use it.

I got the garden covered just in time. 38 degrees last night. I just went in and it smells so good. Smells just like a greenhouse and the plants seem pretty happy. I should probably put my pots in there too, but I haven’t figured out a shelf yet. That is on my list for Monday. I think I am going to suspend it from the roof somehow since there aren’t any walls or uprights to attach it to. I think I have just about everything I need to do that except the board, and I can get that at Herbs. I will see what I have here first that I might be able to use. I might have a wire shelf that I can just sit on the U or hang. The first batch of lupine that came up don’t look very good and I haven’t checked any of them this morning to see how they weathered the cold. They will probably do better enclosed.

Surprisingly, other than my hand, I don’t feel as bad as I had expected this morning. I took some Aleve as soon as I got home and I think that made the difference. I slept about six hours and plan to get some more before I go to work tonight. 

Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life, is finally on Netflix! Yay! I hope it comes out on DVD so I can complete my set. I’m going to wait until Monday to watch it tho. We had to wait long enough for it to be released, and I want to be able to watch all four episodes without having to worry about stopping it and going to work. 

I had a website update to do this morning too. That was supposed to be done last night. I did that before I did anything else this morning. This will be my last year for those. I am going to let them know at the end of the season to give them plenty of time to find someone else to maintain their sites. I’m tired of it.  I have been doing it over ten years, mostly free, and since I am not there anymore, it is time they found someone else. Especially now that I have to work again. It just takes time out of what little time off that I do have. 

Well, I guess that is about it. Time to think about getting a nap before work. It is amazing how fast the mornings go. 

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