Friday, December 23, 2016

Short but sweet

Mike arrived around 5:30 last night. We hung out, had salads for dinner, and hung out some more. This morning we went out to breakfast and now he has headed to Phoenix. He had a business meeting in Colton CA yesterday and drove thru Quartzsite from the airport to CA, and again on the way back. I'm happy that we got to visit as I hadn't made any plans to go to Phoenix this year since I didn't know what my work schedule was going to be, plus the expense of a hotel room was prohibitive this year. I could do a day trip, but it is a two plus hour drive and when I drive that far, I like to stay a while.

Here are some fun photos from breakfast this morning. Playing with our phones.

The only thing on my agenda for today is to try and catch up on some sleep. I have today off and open the store tomorrow. Then I am off until Wednesday afternoon. A mini vacation. Plus the post office and I want to wait until this afternoon for that so I can get whatever might come in today's mail in addition to whatever is already there.

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