Monday, August 21, 2017

Early morning ramble

It is 3AM and I have been up for a while now. I fell asleep in front of the TV after eating dinner last night and got up and went to bed around 8 or 9. So now I am wide awake. At least it is cool enough to sit outside in the wee hours. It is warmer tonight than it has been the last few nights, I have the fan going. Humidity is up as well, so we might get some rain in the next few days.  I am so ready for the heat to break and cooler weather. Something under 100 degrees and cooler nights.
Wednesday I am going to try a new pair of Teva's at work. I think I have worn out the pair I have been wearing, there is no more cushion to them even with the weekly inserts, and I am walking heavy. It is a real effort and I feel like my legs and feet are really heavy. Hoping it is just the shoes and a new pair will make a difference. With all the bending, lifting, pushing and hauling I do my whole body is sore and achy by the time I leave. I am getting too old for a job this physical. I don’t complain, I just do it. Then I come home and recover and go back and do it all over again. It is wearing me down.

I have a lot of things I would like to do today, but am not feeling overly ambitious. If it is like any of my other Monday’s I will sleep a lot of it away. I would like to get the weed cloth up in the garden and the new soil in there and off the patio, need to straighten out the mess from the roof project, would like to re-arrange the cool tub area and have a real sitting area there, re-organize the shed, and so much more. I should also go get some produce at the store and I haven’t been to Salvation Army in weeks. I need to get a feeder hose for my hose filter so I can get that up and working again too. Lots to do, so little ambition. Plus, it gets too hot too fast. If I do anything, I need to get the hose working again. I need to add water to the tub, and would like to fill the baby swamp cooler so I can try that in the cool tub area. Maybe haul one of my outdoor recliners into the area temporarily until it is cool enough to actually do some work back there. I should also defrost the freezer before my new Schwans order is delivered later. But then again, maybe I will wait one more cycle for that. I need to use up the shredded cheese I have in there, plus there is some chicken that needs to be used. Labor day is coming up and I think that means I won’t see the Schwans guy for a month this time. So waiting might work out better. 

So, if I can manage to schedule my vacation right, I can have nine days off in a row. Starting on a Monday, and getting in my two weekends, and I wouldn’t have to go back until Wednesday the following week. That would be great. I’m hoping Tom is amenable to that. Not sure what I would do with those days, I need to do something. I can't just sit around for nine days. Taking the trailer out would be good, but it might still be too hot. We will have to wait and see. If I can’t do that, maybe a road trip for a couple of days. I haven’t seen the west coast yet, and I am so close. Don’t know if I want to do that trip on my own or not. I guess I will just have to wait and see. There is also Vegas…that is only two hours away. Haven’t been there yet either. Again, not sure if I want to do that alone. I haven’t had my cameras out in ages, that is something I could do too. I will have to see what is “local” that I haven’t seen yet. Maybe a couple of day trips. I was much better about doing stuff alone when it was my way of life. Now I am back to not wanting to do stuff alone. Sigh…if I still had Ody, that would be different. The trailer isn’t quite the same as traveling fully enclosed. I would love another smaller motorhome, but then you have the expenses of registration, insurance, maintenance, etc. I can’t afford all of that. That is why I went with the trailer. Register it once for life and no additional insurance required. Especially for one week out of the year.

I would go visit Howard and Barbara in Yuma for a couple of days, but they are in Island Pond this summer. I could go northeast and see if I can find my property in Holbrook. Might be a bit cooler there too. Can’t take the trailer tho as I would have to put new tires on it first. But I could splurge for one (or two) night in a hotel. It is about a five hour trip from here, the high desert. Should be considerably cooler. From there it is only another four hours to Belen NM where my other property is. I won’t bother with Dell TX tho. Too far, and Texas isn’t one of my favorite states. Although I did enjoy my time in Rockport. Dell is in the northern part of the state, Rockport was on the coast. Something to think about. Worse comes to worse, my car is big enough that I could sleep in it if I had to. 
Some day I hope to become a snowbird. Northeast in the summer, southwest in the winter. But I can't afford to do that because if I don't work, I have no income. Hopefully I will still be healthy when I finally get to retire and will be able to do some more traveling.


  1. Good to see you are blogging again. I follow you....dont always comment though. Just thought you should know that someone is reading your blog. Started when you were traveling. I think you should just get in your car and go. Go to the coast and enjoy yourself! You deserve it. I am qpprox. 2 years away from retiring....1 year early because I cant wait. I am planning to use my vehicle and fixing the inside. Maybe getting a van and doing the inside. Have to see. But travel here I come. So I think you should go and do something. Take care and I will comment more often.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I still haven't decided, assuming I even get my vacation. Things are possibly changing at work, and I might not even get to take my time off. Purely rumors at this point, but we may end up being short handed again very soon. Sigh...
      I do consider buying a van or a small motorhome and going that route, but I don't want the extra expense. It would be a lot easier than hauling a trailer tho.

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