Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's going to be windy today

My work week is finally over. Yay. Today is going to be a loss tho because we have a wind storm coming in. Not a good day to be outside - or anywhere. I don’t like the wind, it makes me very nervous. It can be very damaging here. They are saying sustained gusts up to 58 mph. Ugh! I will need to zip down the front door on the patio to reduce the wind on the patio and protect the shade cloth.

Anyway, I guess it is a good day to finally take down the Valentines stuff and hang my felted easter eggs on the horseshoe tree.

I did splurge and buy new wire for the solar on the trailer. If my grommets arrive, I might get that done this weekend. They weren’t at the post office yesterday. I will check again tomorrow. According to the tracking info, they are in Phoenix, but aren’t scheduled for delivery until Wednesday. The wire and the contact cleaner ended up costing $81.

I went to Bob’s Fish Fry and got fish and chips for dinner. Was very good. Again.

I guess maybe tomorrow I will finally go and get the trailer registered. That will also allow me to go to Walmart. I have several things on my list to get including three pots for my xmas cactus’. DG still hasn’t gotten their pots out. That will also give me a chance to see what else is available for blooming plants. I’m due for a little shopping.

I think I am going to hang another shade sail overlapping the one that is there. That will shade my grow bench and add additional cover to the patio. Although when it gets hot, not much helps. I could move the mister to the outside of the patio and use it out there.  haven’t used it much since I installed it because it makes everything wet and I don’t want my stuff on the patio wet. Hmmm….will have to think about that. It would also help whatever plants are out there. A new project…

I could get out the sewing machine and do some stuff with that. I need to make the curtains for the trailer, have a body pillow case to shorten and a few other smaller projects I could do. We’ll see how ambitious I feel later when it actually gets light out. I also want to make the bedskirt for the trailer from the same material. I don’t really think I am close enough to being finished to do that yet tho. 

I picked up some stew beef at the store the other day. Should be a good day for a beef stew. I even have potatoes I can put in. And carrots and onions, and it would be a good way to use up the mushrooms before they go bad. 

I will wait to spray for the ants until after it rains. There is a chance of rain later today and it has sprinkled off and on during the night. 

Guess that is about all I have this morning.

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