Monday, March 21, 2016

Solar is up and running!

I got my early start yesterday morning and got the solar hooked back up and working. I had to run the wire from the solar panel inside so I could hook it up to the digital controller. That required drilling and feeding the wire thru the outside. I’m glad I bought wire, I used all that I had bought plus some of the original wire with very little left over.

After running the wire from the solar panel inside, I then had to run wire back out thru another hole, drill holes in the box and get the panel hooked up to the battery and the wiring for the lights and 12v outlets that feed directly from the batteries hooked back up. Putting together a wood base in the bottom and figuring out how to secure the batteries took up most of the time. I didn’t end up being what I had wanted or expected, but it serves the purpose of reinforcing the bottom of the box and keeping the batteries off the metal bottom. Not that it probably matters all that much. It also keeps the batteries from moving around inside the box. Got all the wires hooked back up, the holes sealed and everything tested out.

Looks like a lot of wires. Now that I have actually hooked things up myself, I understand what goes where and what purpose they serve. Useful information.

This is the new digital controller that keeps the batteries from overcharging and allows me to monitor what is going on. 

And this shows where I drilled and ran the wires out to the batteries. You can see them between the side of the trailer and the box.

I guess I didn’t get a picture of the inverter and it’s location. It is over the window on the shelving side of the trailer. That is the section where I have the cutting board and will be my kitchen and work area inside the trailer. Not sure if it will stay there, but was a good spot for it for now.  I tried to use the shop vac on the inverter, but it uses too much power. I do have a 1500 W inverter, but it is only as good as the power that feeds it. I had to get out an extension cord so I could get the trailer vacuumed. There were metal bits, sawdust and tiny wire pieces that needed to be cleaned up. I guess I need to get a rechargeable vac for the trailer. The inverter should be able to handle that.

I still have work to do on the trailer, but it is all small, detail stuff. I need to the vent cover installed on the roof, insulate the ceiling, get the D-rings up on the outside corners for the shade cloth, and figure out what I am going to do about the door. I really would like to have a smaller door or a wall inside so I can leave the big door open for air flow, etc. I might have to cough up a few bucks and have someone install a door within the door. That is beyond my experience and skill level. The least expensive route would be to build the wall and put a door on that. That will probably be the option that I will do. Still need to do some research since I am not a carpenter. I also need to keep the cost down as much as possible. Then I get to pretty it up. Make curtains, bed skirt, etc.

I finished that up and got my mess cleaned up around 2, had some lunch and read a book. It was about 93 degrees by then and it was time to slow down. I made it thru day three without eating my way thru it, and am now shooting for day four. 

Today is coffee, then a bit of house cleaning, and then get out my jewelry and saleable stuff for two of the ladies here in the park that want to see my stuff. I need to find out about the Easter pot luck too. I need to get the measuring done so I can buy what I need for the new irrigation system before I stop working and loose my discount. Plus I need to get that done before it gets too hot to work outside. I also want to get the planter box setup and some seed planted for my greens garden. I would like to do the jewelry thing out on the patio, but it will be too warm by this afternoon, so I guess I will have to do it indoors. That means I need to do a quick vacuum and dust before then.

I think I am going to call about satellite internet today. See what my options are. It will either be Dish or DirectTV.  At the moment I am leaning towards DirectTV. 

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. I am pleased with what I got accomplished yesterday. I need to go to the market and DG at some point, but it would be a waste of time today since there were so many people in town over the weekend. The shelves will be empty. Not sure waiting a day will make a difference either.

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