Monday, March 14, 2016

Productive day

I had a productive day yesterday and still managed to get in some reading and a nap. I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and dusted. Took the red quilt off the bed and am back to the orange, green and yellow quilt. I also basted in a hem on the new bedroom curtains as they were dragging on the floor and I didn’t want to suck them up in the vacuum. I hope I remember to take them down and actually hem them the next time I have the sewing machine out.

After finishing up the house cleaning, trimming my bangs and taking a shower I went outside. Oh, I also did three loads of laundry. The third load was the blankets for the trailer, so they are clean and ready to put put in the trailer when I get the final cleaning done. I hung the new shade sail. It is smaller than the original one. I thought it was the same size. But it should be enough shade for the plants. If not, I have another that I can add to it.

I fixed the leak in the line that the hummers were using to take a shower, and setup an irrigation system on the plant bench. It is on a manual timer. It has a lot of leaks, but should work for those days that I don’t have time to water. Just turn it on and walk away.

This is on the east side so it is in the shade in the afternoon. I only had to cut some of the  morning sun. Between the two sails, it should be good. The sails take quite a beating between the wind and the sun. The big one is several years old. It is the one I used on Alder Street for a couple of summers and has been up for a year here. They hold up quite well.

Didn’t see anyone or talk to anyone yesterday. I did have to go next door and turn off their grill. Chad apparently forgot to turn it off and I smelled it when I was taking my clothes off the line. They had gone out. That could have been nasty. Glad I noticed it. I will have to tell him about that.

I need to rake the leaves yet again. For someone that doesn’t have any trees I have to do a lot of leaf sweeping and raking. I swept the patio again yesterday and have to do it again. This time I will gather them up and take them to the dumpster. I’m hesitant to do a compost pile because of the nasty critters - snakes and scorpions. 

I have another cactus in bloom. 

I grilled a piece of steak and some veggies on my mutant grill. The steak wasn’t very good, it was a poor cut and tough. I don’t like the marinade I had it in either. But it was dinner and the veggies were good. Having the little electric grill inside the housing for the gas grill makes a huge difference. Things cook much faster since I can hold the heat in. The lid makes all the difference.

Today I am going to coffee, and I haven’t decided if I am working on the trailer or doing my weekly shopping. Which ever one I choose to do today, I will do the other tomorrow. My parts haven’t made it to the post office yet, but there are other things I can do. I haven’t been to Sal’s for a couple of weeks. I would like to see if I could find another pair or two of shorts since I have gained so much weight. I have a pair I really like and it would be nice if I could find at least one other pair like them. I don’t have high hopes tho.

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