Monday, March 28, 2016

Sneezing and more sneezing

Just after I posted yesterday I started sneezing, and sneezing, and sneezing. Couldn't seem to stop. The last time that happened, I was sick. I was very disappointed because I had been looking forward to Easter dinner at the clubhouse. Two of my neighbors (Charlene and Lois) came over to see if I was going and had saved a seat for me. They both told me to come anyway, so I took a benadryl and a shower and it seemed to help. I was very tired though. I may have mentioned that in yesterday's post.

I took the golf cart up to the clubhouse, saved what little energy I had for being social. I had a couple additional offers to join some other people, but my place had been saved and I had to decline. Usually I go and have to search for someone to sit with. Anyway, it was an awesome dinner per usual. 

I took a two and a half hour nap after I got home, and then went to bed a little before nine, and only got up a couple of times in the night. Each time I went back to bed and right back to sleep until almost 5 this morning. I really needed the sleep. I had been waking up at 2 AM all week. Made for really long days. Especially work days. I was starting to have trouble functioning Saturday afternoon. Had to keep double checking my work.

After coffee this morning  I want to try and get some of the stuff done that I had wanted to do yesterday and didn’t get done. I need to measure for the irrigation and map that out, get my seeds planted, and get the box off the back of the golf cart and get it’s new bed started. I can’t actually mount it until Keith does his thing with the body, but I can get it made and ready to mount. I also want to get some manure tea started for my plants. They don’t get the nutrients they would get if they were planted in the ground.

I just ordered seat covers and a steering wheel cover for the golf cart. It has vinyl seats and in the sun with shorts it will melt the backs of my legs, and the steering wheel cover will give me a better grip and I won’t burn my hands when I use it.

Tuesday is the turkey noodle soup and ham and bean soup lunch at the club house. It is actually on a day that I can go. So basically, free lunch. Plus I will probably get to bring some home for later. I will have to make sure to bring a couple of containers with me. I didn’t bring anything home yesterday except for my salad since I needed my container.

Well, time to get myself moving. Monday morning coffee is in an hour and I need to jump in the shower.

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