Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Golf Cart Project

Purchased the golf cart. 1994 Yamaha G9


Removed black box on back and carpeting and Betty Boop floor mats and steering wheel cover. Getting ready to get her polished up. I have a canvas and vinyl drive cover for her, parts to make the new bed in the back and seat covers and a steering wheel cover on the way. I also ordered a new carburetor and tuneup kit.

Removed the plastic front bumper pieces, need to figure out a bumper for it. Has a nice one in the back and now nothing in the front. Priced them out and they are more than I want to spend.


Got the cart back today, all cleaned up.


Got the drive cover put on and the box mounted on the back. The box took a lot longer than I had thought, and it isn't very secure. It isn't going to hold up. I will need to redo it in the near future. There really isn't anything to attach it to, just plastic. I put the wooden bar back on that was holding the original box on the back, but it isn't far enough back to give much support.

The bungee is just a little extra to hold it a little longer. I also added the first Sta-bil Marine gas additive. It does backfire and am hoping that will help.


Put the reflectors on and finally got the mirror mounted. Made a quickie cover for the mirror from an old towel. I still need to get some reflector tape for the front and maybe put some lights on it.


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