Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I accomplished more than I thought

I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I had wanted, but got some of it done. I got my seeds planted and went to start on the revised irrigation but couldn’t do it because I had bought the wrong size fittings. I will exchange them tomorrow when I go back to work. I got lettuce, green onion, spinach, turnip greens, collard greens and swiss chard in the planter and in the pot I did four mammoth sunflower seeds and some marigolds.

This pic is the sunflower that is currently blooming. The plant itself is pretty ratty looking, they got dry one too many times, but the ones that did blossom are very pretty. This looks like a painting to me. It is an untouched photo.

I had some lunch did a little reading and then decided to spend a few minutes on the golf cart. I removed the big black box and the carpet and Betty Boop floor mats the previous owner had installed. I had already removed the Betty Boop steering wheel cover. I dislike anything cartoon. Already looks better.



I know, I should have taken a picture of the carpeting and floor mats, but I didn’t. So there isn’t a before pic like there should be. You can see them in the older pics, just not all that clearly.

I did get started on reinforcing the bin for the back of the cart. I can’t finish it, I need a couple more pieces from Herbs. And I can’t mount it anyway until Keith does his polishing job. So I will get the pieces I need and work on that later.  I got the bracing pieces cut and gooped to the bottom and will bolt them on when I get the other pieces I need. These would have been good, but I have decided to mount it in the other direction, so now I need to brace it going in both directions instead of just the one. That will be an additional $16 for the metal pieces. 

So I guess I did get quite a bit done yesterday. Who knew? Today is shopping. I cleaned out the pantry looking for that last can of corn that I knew I had for my salad and I need more canned veggies until mine get growing. I also took out all the bags of pasta that were in the cupboard and gave them to Diane for today’s soups. That freed up a lot of space. I don’t do pasta - too many carbs.

I slept until almost 5 this morning, what a treat! I did stay up until 10 last night, it was tough, but I managed. It was much cooler last night and I could use my blanket. That helped a lot.

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