Saturday, March 5, 2016

Successful yard sale

People were coming by before I even finished putting stuff out. I got rid of most everything except two big ticket items, the grill and the RV surge protector. I will post those on FB and see if I can get them sold. I marked all my jewelry half price and actually sold some. Last year I didn’t mark any down and didn’t sell any. I think I did about $150 total. Better than I would have if I had gone to work. Plus it was nice having the morning off. Lois, across the street, offered to take the leftovers to the thrift shop, so it is all gone except for the grill and the surge protector. I even sold the water tank. Sold most of my flatware bracelets too. And I think one walked off. 

I almost bought a golf cart. Guy across the street had one, I made an offer, but he didn’t counter offer and sold it to someone else. People out here don’t negotiate. At all. I’m used to bargaining, and I find it very frustrating. The big question here is what is the lowest you will take for it. Um, I set a price, that is the lowest I will take for it unless you make a reasonable offer…There is supposedly another for sale on the next street over. I will check that out this weekend. I really wanted that golf cart yesterday and I am kind of pissed about it. If he had just countered, I probably would have bought it. Apparently, that is a New England thing.

I discovered ants on the patio yesterday, so I guess it is that season. I need to start spraying. I brought home a garden sprayer a week or so ago so I don’t have to use the squeeze handle. That gets really old. Just need to get the insecticide into the pump sprayer and get the place sprayed both indoors and out.

I have baby tomato plants. The seed that I planted back in January or so finally sprouted. Although it is probably way too late and they won’t fruit because of the heat. I will keep them going as long as I can tho. Just in case. I had uncovered the desert willow for a day or two, but it is too dry for it and it started to dry up. Hoping I haven’t lost it. This is the longest I have been able to keep one of those alive so far. Gardening is so difficult here.

I think I am going to take some of the yard sale money and buy new wire for the trailer. Wire isn’t cheap, but if I am going to do the job, might as well use new wire. My project this weekend is to get the box fitted out and ready for the wiring. Plus, I would like to get the vent cover on the roof, and relocate the light fixture that I keep running in to. It is right in the middle where I walk and the ceiling is so low, I keep hitting my head. I will probably have to swap it out anyway because I don’t think it is an LED fixture and I do have a new one that is to replace it. Just have to figure out where I want it. There is a 12v outlet there that will need to be moved too. Once I get all the wiring and electrical work done I can finish the ceiling. Get it insulated and figure out what I am going to do to close it in. Haven’t quite figured that out yet. 

I guess it was pretty busy yesterday morning at work. I’m not sorry I missed it, but I guess they could have used me. It was busy in the afternoon too and it went pretty fast.

Well, time to get moving. I need to make my lunch this morning. I usually make two lunches at a time and since I was here for lunch yesterday, I didn’t get today’s made yet. Today is a long day, hopefully it will go fast. 

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