Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A trip to Parker

Went to Monday morning coffee and then off to Parker. First stop, MVD. I got there around 9:45, had a about a half hour wait and another 20 minutes to get the actual transaction done. It cost me $24 for a permanent registration, I won’t ever have to renew it or do it again. That was a hundred or so dollars less than I had anticipated even with the penalty for not registering it within 15 days of purchase. I can live with it. From there I went to Auto Zone to have them do a readout on my engine light. I had had that done last year, but couldn’t find the printout. Apparently, it is the catalytic converter. A $50 part that would cost me between $700 and 1K to have replaced. Not going to happen. I have lived with the light this long, I can live with it a while longer.

Next stop, Walmart. That WM is a real disappointment. They call it a super store, but it doesn’t even have an auto repair/tire section. Their garden center is also quite small. But I did find two more of my pink and red geraniums and I also got another baby tomato plant and two shrubs for the yard. I got something called a natal plum that has edible fruit and a cape honeysuckle. Both are supposed to tolerate full sun and drought conditions. The tomato plant is supposed to be sun tolerant too. We’ll see. I did NOT find any plant pots for my xmas cactus. I will just have to keep looking. Why is it so hard to buy a plant pot in Arizona in the winter? You would think the stuff would be out year round here. Yes, I am going to try yet another tomato plant. And now, I also have to figure out where I want these two shrubs in my very tiny yard. Unfortunately, neither are bunny resistant, so I will also have to put up some chicken wire to protect them until they get established.

I did not find any insulated curtain panels, no easter linens, and so much more that was on my list. I did pick up some paintable fake easter eggs that look like real eggs, a fuzzy bunny and some plastic eggs and grass. I will see if I can find something suitable as place mats or napkins at Sal’s. 

This morning I ordered two sets of thermal curtains from Amazon. One pair for the bedroom and one for the living room. I want to see if I can reduce my cooling electric bill at least a hair. I also ordered the jacks for the trailer. Best price I could find except for the single one that was at WM yesterday. But I needed more than one. Two minimum, four was better. I also struck out on the battery boxes yesterday. I didn’t get half the stuff that was on my list. I tell ya, that WM is a disgrace. Hopefully that will be the last of the things I need for the trailer.

I did splurge and buy two tank tops at $5 each and two lightweight ladies t shirts for $5 each that I can wear to work . They had lots of colors, but nothing exciting except for the one bright red tank top that I did buy. The others are black and gray. I stay away from light colors as the water here turns everything light or white, brown.

Again, as far as groceries go, I got about half of what was on my list. I could have gone to Safeway across the street, but I had had enough shopping for one day. It was time to come home and have lunch. I did get a rotisserie chicken and some potato salad, so that is what I had for lunch. Then I kind of picked at stuff all afternoon, so I didn’t bother with dinner. 

I knew I should have gone to the post office on my way back yesterday. My parts were delivered yesterday afternoon. It would have saved me a trip this morning. Oh well. 

I am hoping to find a curtain for the sliding doors at Sal’s. A thermal one. I want to put it directly over the door behind the vertical blinds for the summer to help keep the heat out. If that fails, I will just hang a blanket or something. I don’t like curtains much, but again, hoping to reduce my cooling bill a little. 

It is very cold this morning, 38 degrees. I finally gave up and turned on the fireplace heater. It was 57 ish in here and I was cold. Will probably be the last cold night until winter.

I guess that is about all I have this morning. I will have to go to the post office and I might as well stop at DG and Sal’s while I am out. But I think I might try to get another hour or sleep first. Was up around 3 and I am still tired.

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