Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

I’m not really in a holiday or even a decent mood today. Kind of cranky (tired). I have about two more weeks of work and then I will be off for the summer and I am ready. Past ready. If I behave myself financially, I should be able to enjoy my time off. I’m going to set a budget and try my hardest to stick to it so I don’t have to stress about it and enjoy the time that I have before I have to go back to work either at Herb’s or somewhere else. I am SO looking forward to the time off.

Yesterday wasn’t that busy and I thought the day would never end. I asked when I went to lunch if she wanted me to come back and she did. So I didn’t get to leave early. I really could have used the afternoon for better things…like napping. Getting up at 2AM for the last four or five days has exhausted me and I was starting to see the effects. I had to keep double checking my work. I did four or five word searches in between customers and even that got boring. It did help pass the time tho.

Got the golf cart back from Keith last night. He checked the brakes and did a general check over, says I did good. He thinks it is a G5 model, but I double checked this morning and I am correct in identifying it as a G9 which is a good thing since that is what I ordered the parts for. He wants to polish up the fiberglass and I am going to let him do that and whatever else he wants to do on it. I will have to come up with something to thank him with since he won’t take any money. The cover came for it yesterday but until Keith is done with it, no sense in putting it on. I’m also ready to make the cargo bed in the back, but can’t attach that until he is done too. But I can build it and plan on starting that this morning. 

I want to get my seeds planted today. I picked up a package of green onion seeds the other day and will be adding that to my planter too. I also got some giant sunflower seeds and want to try them. These are the ones that produce seed. Can’t plant them in the ground because it is all sand and of course bunnies, but maybe they will do well in a large pot. It might be too hot here tho. Gonna try anyway. Then I need to measure for the irrigation so I can get those materials before I stop working. I don’t know if my employee discount will continue thru the summer when I’m not working and want to get it while I can.
Granted, I have been busy, but I have seen her maybe 4 times all winter. 

Last night I threw together the corn and bean salad for the potluck today. Thankfully I didn’t have to really cook anything because I am exhausted and just don’t have the energy for that. Since other people will be eating this (hopefully) I threw in a can of diced tomatoes with chilis and dressed it with olive oil and lime. I will chop up a little green onion to dress it up a little right before I take it up. I turned down ice cream at work yesterday because I wanted to be able to have a dessert today. I have behaved all week so I am not going to feel guilty about that. I didn’t go get fish and chips either because of today’s dinner. I will next week if they are still open. That will be my last splurge for a while since I can eat for several days on what it costs for one meal.

I need to do laundry this morning since I need clean shorts for this afternoon. We’ll see how much else I get done. I still want to spend a little time on the trailer this weekend too. The goal is to get the vent cover on. That should be the last larger project, and that is considerably smaller than any of my others. The rest will be little things and I can do them here and there when the mood hits. The trailer is just about done. Just in time to be able to go away for a couple of days. That worked out pretty well. 

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  1. Happy Easter to you, too. Sounds like you are going to be ready for some time in the mountains this summer.