Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I took yesterday off

I ended up just taking yesterday off. By the time I got done coffee, raking up the leaves yet again and getting my recycling over to the dumpsters, it was too late to start a project. I did fiddle with the fountain for a bit. At some point I am going to create something new, but for now I put a little faucet on it so the water falls down instead of shooting in the air and out of the dish. The birds keep hitting it and knocking it askew, which makes the water fall on the ground which drains the fountain. 

I raked up the leaves yet again and swept the patio again. I don’t know where the leaves come from, I only have the one tree and it only drops a few at a time. There are a couple of spots where they gather and pile up, the patio being one of them. Drives me nuts.

I loaded up all my recycling and the bag of leaves on the scooter and took them to the dumpster. I discovered all the glass jars and cans that I have been saving and recycling was a waste of energy. They just get tossed out. So I no longer have to save them. And I thought I was being so good. Less work for me and less clutter.

I really should do something on the trailer today. I should get the plywood cut for under the batteries and put together some sort of holder for them. I have plenty of scrap lumber to work with. Then I will be ready to hook the solar back up. I could also install the vent cover on the roof, vacuum, etc. Plenty to do. Oh, and I have all the linens for the trailer sitting on the bed, they can go out too. I should also hit DG and Sal’s. But we’ll see how ambitious I am. I got a good nap yesterday and slept pretty well last night. 

I got another book read. I am going to have to bring one of my comfy chairs back out from the living room. These chairs are good, but not for long term reading. It is very hard on my knee. So I guess I really should look for a couple of chairs for the living room. That means I need to go to Yuma soon. 

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