Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New plants in the ground and irrigated

Well, I didn’t work on the trailer yesterday. But the weekend wasn’t a total loss, I did get it registered and got the jacks ordered. Instead, I puttered around in the yard and planted up my new plants. I put the geraniums in the pots with the older ones, planted the tomato plant and figured out spots for the two new shrubs. In order to plant one, I had to move the wood pile for the chiminea. This is something I had been pondering for a while. I didn’t want to spend the money for a wood rack, but I did need to find something to hold it and get it off the ground. It was looking pretty messy. While I was sitting there pondering the situation, my eyes fell on the two leftover shelves from the trailer. I had three legs left which meant six half legs and the shelves only needed four. I used the two shelves and two legs and put together a wood bin. Moved it to the back corner by the clothes line and it looks a lot neater, the wood is off the ground, and made a spot for one of the shrubs. It also got the shelves out of the shed. 

One of the shrubs went between the chiminea and the bird patio. I hopefully have them both bunny proofed. This one is a cape honeysuckle. The hummers should like that, it will have pretty orange blossoms.

The other one went where the wood pile was originally. It too is hopefully bunny proofed. This one is a natal plum, toxic, but white blossoms and edible fruit. Both are evergreen and supposedly like full sun. We’ll see.

Once I got them planted and enclosed I had to make sure they would get watered on a regular basis so I extended the line from the fountain so that whenever the grapefruit gets watered, so do both the new plants. Eventually I will have to put in a new irrigation system with options to expand it without having to jury rig it. But for now, it works. There is actually potting soil under the sand. I didn’t have a lot as it was leftovers from dead plants from the bench, but I can add more later. I wanted to get them planted and protected yesterday. I would still like to get an orange tree at some point. 

I was going to put up the second shade sail, but ran out of steam. It will go up soon tho to protect the plants on the plant bench. I don’t have a photo of that right now.

I pulled up one of the lilac cuttings and it looked like it had started a couple of roots, so I stuck it back in the soil. The tomato plant is in the same pot along with the tomato plants that finally germinated. They will need shade soon. My sunflowers are budding and one was showing a bit of color yesterday, and I have a cactus blooming by the fountain. Such a pretty color! It was opened more yesterday. There will probably be more blossoms. My cactus are all doing well including the argentine giant which seems much happier over by the fountain than where I put it originally. It gets run off from the fountain.

My neighbors on my yard side are leaving today. That lot will be empty again. They were good neighbors and I will miss them. Probably won’t see them again, they aren’t planning on coming back. It will be nice to have that lot empty again tho. Less noise, more morning sun.

I didn’t go out at all yesterday. No post office, no Sal’s. I will have to go to the post office and get my parts for the trailer so I can work on that this weekend. Get the solar hooked back up and working again. I’m hoping I bought enough wire. If not, I can reuse some of the old stuff.

Back to work today. Only a few more weeks of work, then I will be back to zero income. We’ll see how long I can last with that. I won’t miss having to go to work in the least and am looking forward to having some time off, but will definitely miss the paycheck. Of course, all the good stuff will be over, and I will have spent another winter not being able to do anything fun. I don’t know how I managed all those years of working full time and having a life. The two just aren’t compatible.

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