Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New wheels

Yesterday did not play out as I had expected at all. Keith had told me about a golf cart he had seen for sale since he knew I had been looking. I told him I hadn’t gone to look at it and asked if he wanted to go with me. He did, so we did. It was an older model, electric, and was showing wear and tear. Seemed to run OK, but she was asking $900 for it. I wasn’t willing to go over $600 for an old, used cart. So we left. I came home and posted about my experience on FB, and one of my friends texted me that she had a gas model for sale. Keith and I went and looked at that one too. I didn’t buy it right away, thought about it for a little while and then asked if they had a way they could transport it. They said yes, so I said yes. I am now the proud (maybe) owner of a 1994 Yamaha G9 golf cart. It is pretty ugly and needs a tuneup, but I got it for $600 delivered. 

I’m thinking about painting it red and I want to remove the box she has on the back and build a wooden truck bed instead, or find a basket to haul stuff around with. I will also have to figure out an enclosure or windshield of some sort, or maybe even just some shade cloth. It also needs lights and a rear view mirror. I saved my dumpster run for after the cart was delivered and I did a pass around the park. I will take it out again today. I need to use up the gas that is in it because it backfires. It needs a tuneup and probably a new carburetor which actually isn’t that expensive. I may just order one to have on hand. But I want to use up the old gas in it to make sure that isn’t the problem. It has been sitting a while and could be causing the backfiring.

In amongst all of that I cleaned the house and got ready for Madelyn to come look at my jewelry. Plus, I finally found a home for a little wooden shelf I got at Sal’s a couple of months ago, so I drilled a couple of mounting holes and spray painted it black and got that hung up in the bedroom. It was plain wood, but wouldn’t fit the decor so it didn’t get hung up when I brought it home. But I just took down the clock that had been hanging there so I could put it in the trailer, and that freed up that spot for the shelf.

I had to chase some bees out of the shed. I had just been in there about a half hour before to get the spray paint and there were no bees. But it is migrating season for them and they are looking for places to nest. I sprayed the whole shed and closed it up. I can’t have bees in the shed. Plus, I have no way of knowing if they are killer bees or not. You don’t want them around and you don’t want to mess with them.

There are several things I didn’t get done yesterday that I would like to get done today. Don’t know if I am going to go to DG or the market, I can probably get by without since I just spent a buttload of money on the golf cart. I want to get the veggie garden at least started. I haven’t decided if I am going to recycle the soil or start with new. If I go with new, I will have to go buy it and I don’t want to go to Herb’s on my day off. I also need to measure for the irrigation materials, clean and add fresh juice to the hummer feeders and a bunch of other little things. Plus take a ride or two in the golf cart. 

I am going to have to come up with a name for the golf cart as I don’t like calling it that. Golf has nothing to do with it and when I think of a cart, this isn't it.

Supposed to only be in the upper 70’s today. That will be nice as it has been in the mid 90’s. It took a long time to cool down last night and I was afraid I was going to have to turn on the AC but I didn’t. I’m putting that off as long as possible

I do have to say it was nice getting out and about with someone and talking to people yesterday. And the extra half day on Saturday has made a huge difference this weekend. I actually don’t feel like I have been rushed to get everything in before having to go back to work tomorrow. I still don’t want to go, but it isn’t as stressful. Hoping to get a nap later as I haven’t slept well the last couple of nights. It has been too warm.

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