Thursday, March 10, 2016

So far so good....

I picked up my parts that I had been waiting for at the post office, they were exactly what I wanted, but too small. This morning I ordered two different sizes, I should be able to use one of them and they look like handy little buggers and I had wished for some in the past, so I’m sure I will find a use for them at some point. Although waiting for the new order to come will put off hooking up the solar yet another week. But there are other things I can work on in the meantime.

My two new plants seem to be fine so far. No bunny nibbles, and they got watered automatically yesterday morning. Tomato plant is doing well so far. I have formulated a plan to water the plants on the bench all at the same time. Will probably set that up this weekend. I will use my manual timer, but at least I won’t have to stand there and water each plant individually. They will get more water this way. And I am also putting together a plan for a new irrigation system. That will require some digging and PVC. Will be time consuming, but worth it when it is done. Planning on several access points that I can hook into in various locations. 

The neighbors pulled out yesterday morning. It is going to take some getting used to having their huge trailer gone. More sunshine, more visibility. Just very different. I can see the sunrise again. I did miss that.

Not much new and exciting this morning. Mid 80’s yesterday. Haven’t looked at today’s weather yet. Upper 80’s today. 

My insulated curtains are supposed to be delivered today along with the jacks for the trailer. I will need to get four pieces of pressure treated lumber to put under the jacks, but I can get those at work. I also ordered some window tinting for the trailer windows and the back windows of the car. Keep some of the sun and heat out. 

I have another blossom on my cactus and it looks like there may be more. Considering I picked them up off the ground at the landfill, they have done very well.

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