Monday, February 15, 2016

A decent Valentine's day

As far as Valentine's Day goes, it wasn't half bad. No sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I stayed fairly busy until it was time to go to the pot luck at the club house. I got the fountain back up and running, made the copper heart earrings and pendant I have been wanting to make for the last two weeks so that I could wear them to the pot luck and got a load of laundry and a shower done. And in my spare time I got some reading in. After the pot luck, which was very good, I finished my book. That isn't to say that I wasn't missing Jake or Kali Cat because I was. It just didn't over power the day.

Was another rough night sleeping tho. Woke up several times. I had the bedroom window open which usually isn’t a problem, but the neighbors pulled in at 1 AM, and it was just outside the window. That place is usually empty, so of course it woke me. I finally ended up in the chair again. Not sure why I am having worse sleep issues than usual, but it has been going on for a week now. Basically since Pat was here. You would think since she left that I would be sleeping better being back in my own bed. 

Today will be a trailer day. I only have a couple of weeks before the yard sale, so I need to get the shed sorted and get my camping gear into the trailer and the yard sale stuff set aside. That means I have to get the shelves secured before I can move the camping gear in. So securing the shelves will be today’s project. I think I am going to wait to do my errands until tomorrow. I would like to be able to stop at Sal's as I haven't been for a couple of weeks. They were closed last Monday, and my be closed on Monday's now.

Felt good to be making something out in the shed yesterday. It has been a while. SusAnn showed me the necklaces she has been making, basically woven wire. I may have to try that. They are very pretty. Could be something to do while indoors this summer besides the baskets and rock painting.

Here is the set I made yesterday…The dangles are little copper colored glass beads. I was looking for my red swarovsky crystals but didn’t find them. Used these instead.

I also got the fountain back up and running. Put in the new solar pump and the barley straw pellets. Gave the glass base a good scrub. Was nice to hear the tinkle of the water again. Hoping with the barley straw I won’t have to clean it as often. I put some in the bird bath under the tree too.

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