Friday, February 12, 2016

Scooter to work

The above links are my friend Pat’s blog posts about her visit earlier this week. 

Yesterday I rode the scooter to work. I wasn’t sure I was going to until I grabbed the keys and walked out the door. The interesting thing is, I think it took the same amount of time to get there and back that it does with the car. I was home at 5:08 just like I usually am. If I do it again, I will need to wear a hat because the sun is just in the right spot to blind me, and will also need my ear muffs if it is below 50 degrees. Was warm enough when I came home to be in a single layer. I will be taking the car to work today as I have to go to the post office and drop off a package. I would probably be fine on the scooter, but there is still a lot of traffic and I feel safer in the car. Plus I have a place to eat my lunch.

The days are warm enough now that I can’t leave my lunch and afternoon water in the car. I have to bring them in where it is cooler, That was another disadvantage to the scooter, I had no place to eat my lunch, and I also forgot my kindle. I did find a pallet of blocks to sit on in the shade and did some word searches. It was just a different day.

I did two loads of laundry after I got home. The flannel sheets from the bed and the clothes that had built up since Sunday. The sheets will be put away for next winter as I remade the bed with the summer sheets. I got them almost dry in the dryer then hung them on the line in the bedroom so I could use the dryer for my clothes. Hoping they will be dry this morning so I can put them away.

Still wearing long pants to work even tho it is pushing 80 degrees in the afternoon. The mornings are still running in the low 40’s and it would be too cold. But it won’t be long now until I am back in my shorts and Teva’s.

The new pump for the fountain arrived yesterday so I have that and the barley straw pellets to do. The barley straw is supposed to help keep the water clear and is non toxic for critters. I picked up a cheap pair of panty hose to put the barley straw in. I probably won’t get to replace the pump until Sunday as there isn’t any sunshine on the solar panel by the time I get home. I will need to test it before I walk away from it.

Tonight I need to get the brussels sprouts in to marinate for Sunday’s pot luck. I seem to have more energy when I get home from a 7 hour day than an 8 hour day. Surprising that one hour makes that much difference.

Just got a message from Pam, the sweetgrass for baskets is in, so I will have something new to add to my baskets. I have to get back into working on them at least a few hours a week. I don’t think I have made much of anything since I started working. Gotten plenty of ideas tho.

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