Sunday, February 21, 2016

Runny nose and sneezing...Oh no!

It was another beautiful day here yesterday but once again, I was stuck indoors. We were short handed again and it got interesting at a couple of points. I don’t know if I will have to go in tomorrow or not, won’t know until tomorrow morning. I got “corrected” yet again while I was trying to help a customer. Sigh….I hate just standing there doing nothing while a customer is waiting to find something. Customers don’t care for it much either.

I woke up at 2 AM sneezing and with a runny nose. Fought that for a while and ended up taking a Benadryl and a shot of Airborne. I managed to go back to sleep in the chair and feel a little better now, but we’ll see how I feel as the day progresses. I really don’t want to get sick. If I do, I know where I got it from.

Still trying to decide about the swamp cooler. Mixed reviews, but most leaning towards the cooler. I will have to decide very soon.

I had planned on working on the tongue box and solar on the trailer today, but will see how I feel as I get moving. It might end up being a real day off where I don’t do much of anything. I will do my laundry either way. Should be a good drying day. I also need to take down the Valentine’s stuff.

The tulip bulbs I planted a month or so ago are finally sticking their heads above soil. Wasn’t sure if they would or not as they were saves from last spring and spent the summer in the shed. They were pretty crispy when I potted them up. I was getting ready to give up on them. Leslie’s naked ladies bulbs are growing too. They have been in that pot since last summer. I would like to get some leafy greens seeds planted this weekend so I can have some fresh veggies here at home. It is almost time to move the plant bench inside the patio, but I don’t know where I will park the scooter when I do. I don’t want that in the sun all day either. My frost bitten sunflowers look terrible, but it also looks as if they are getting ready to bloom. And the grapefruit has lost a lot of leaves, but I think that is a result of the cold not the lack of water or nutrients. The one across the street looks similar. It is making a mess in the yard tho and I will have to rake again.

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