Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another windy day

Yesterday was an errand/puttering day. I didn’t do a whole lot but got a bunch of little things done and dealt with. I have a new grill regulator on the way from Char-broil, free of charge under warranty, caught up with Howard and Barbara on the phone, and a bunch of other little things. The wind picked back up and was gusting and howling again, not quite as bad as the night before, but it wasn’t a good day to be outside so I didn’t do any work on the trailer. Hoping to today.

It isn’t supposed to be warm today, might see 50 degrees if we are lucky. But if the sun is out and the wind isn’t blowing, should be good enough to work in the trailer. I would also like to get my valentines stuff out. And I should do some house cleaning since I will be having company this coming weekend. I will finally be meeting Pat, a friend I met online. She is an author and widow and we connected over her blog. She lost her Jeff about a month after I lost Jake, so we are in similar places widow-wise. She is doing a road trip and Q is on the way.

I did stop at Sal’s. I didn’t get much, a black tablecloth that may become a curtain in the trailer, a small decorative dish and a heart and roses pin that will probably become an ornament for the tree. 

I paid the electric bill yesterday. It was higher than I expected. Must be the heat pump. I didn't use the electric fireplace much this last month. This morning I had to renew my Verizon prepaid wireless. It is my backup and got me thru while there was a million plus people in town. My Karma barely worked when the town was full, but am hoping that it will work a lot better now that people have left. I have seen an improvement so I am hopeful. That one is unlimited for $50 a month. The Verizon is a pay per gig deal.

I had my fish chowder for dinner. It was much better with the corn in it. I also made a salad yesterday, not one of my favorite things to do because it takes so long. I used some of my turnip greens and mesclun from outside. That is what I had for lunch. And there is enough for today’s lunch too. 

I saw a wire heart earring tutorial online this morning that I would like to try. Not sure how much I can squeeze into a day but would like to make an attempt. I haven’t made anything in ages. Starting to feel slightly motivated. This is a good thing. Eventually I would like to even try out the kiln I bought. 

Now that the town has thinned out, I am going to try downloading some movies from Mike again. I also want to see if I can finish watching Grease Live. I have channel 10 back, but still missing a couple of others. The main channel that I HAVE to have is 15, and that is working well. 

I guess that is about it for now. It has been a quiet weekend. Looks like the weather should start warming up again after this week. We will barely get out of the 50’s, and it will be very cold at work. Not the week to start driving the scooter to work. Maybe next week.

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