Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Long day at work yesterday, very bad night last night. I was up more than I was asleep and I am not feeling all that great this morning, but I think I will be OK. I was very tired, fell asleep in the chair, so I got up and went to bed. I woke up several times by midnight, and finally got up and read for a while and finished the night in the chair. I am still tired this morning. I had an iced coffee when I got home from work and I am wondering if that is the culprit for the sleep issue.

I’m hoping to get the fountain back up and running today, but need to wait a little while as it is still kind of nippy out there. Not like the temps in the northeast tho and I am grateful for that! As soon as the sun is up, it should warm up and I think it is going to be a shorts day. 

I need to get some more work done on the trailer and I finally got notification that the new tongue box for the batteries will be shipping. Then I can work on the power system. I was planning on going to Parker tomorrow and register the trailer, but I just realized tomorrow is a holiday and they won’t be open. Which means Sal’s won’t be either. Glad I figured that out before I drove all the way there. I guess tomorrow will be a full trailer day and maybe I will go to Parker on Tuesday or put it off until next week. That means I can just putter today. Maybe get the car washed. It is covered in dust from just being and the additional dust from the trip to Swansea.

I have been waiting for weeks to buy three pots for the xmas cactus I bought at xmas. DG has finally managed to get the boxes out and into the aisle, but hasn’t managed to get them unboxed yet. It isn’t like they have to price them as they are all pre priced, just get them unboxed and on the shelf. We got some clay pots in at work, but they are about twice the size of what I need. Hoping to be able to get them potted up soon.

I should do a load of laundry this morning and this afternoon is the pot luck. They are having prime rib and whatever else everyone brings. My brussels are a little over cooked as I used frozen ones and hadn’t cooked them in the microwave before, but they have been marinating since Friday so they should be pretty good anyway.

Friday was the one year anniversary of moving in here. Wow. I have been here a full year already. Lots of changes and a lot has stayed the same. I have been gone from IP for almost a year and a half, and the 6th anniversary of Jake’s death is coming up in a couple of weeks too. Starting year 7 without him. He would have liked it here and the fact that the internet service is so bad, would have kept him busy and in work. He probably would have started Q Wireless…

I was going to let Island Pond Weather go this year. It was his page. But I renewed for another year. Just couldn’t quite let it go even tho I had to change it all when I took down the weather station. It is fed from another site now instead of the house. 

If Kali Cat hadn’t gotten sick, I probably would have done some more traveling. But it is what it is and I am in a good spot. No snow and no sub zero temps, good neighbors and a part time job.

I did not get my heart earrings done. Maybe I can get them done this morning and wear them later. I should do a matching pendant too. Fountain first tho.

The next holiday is Easter. I have my needle felted eggs that I can hang on the horseshoe tree. I don’t have much else for decorations. There will be a potluck then too. It beats being in IP all by myself. Keeps me somewhat social where I would otherwise stay at home by myself. Monday morning coffee helps with that too.

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