Friday, February 5, 2016

Fewer hours

Yesterday I started my reduced hours. I went in at 9 instead of 8. Made the morning shorter, but didn't do much for the afternoon. I imagine next month I will loose a whole day, but we'll see. Other than loosing the money, it won't hurt my feelings.

Having severe sinus issues with all the dry air. I'm good for about half the day after using the nasal spray, but by mid afternoon I am all stuffed up again and since it is so dry, it hurts! Today I am going to take a Benadryl about mid morning and see if that helps with the afternoon. I'm also going to keep my saline spray in my pocket and use it when I can.

Tried using the gas grill again last night with a different regulator and it did the exact same thing. I don't like it, it scares me. I am done with propane. I think I will remove the guts and try putting my little electric grill inside and that way I can cover it. That was my big complaint about the little electric grill, I couldn't cover it and keep the heat in. If that doesn't work, both gas grills will go in the yard sale. I pulled out my camping grill and cooked my dogs over sterno. That is how I did it in the desert last year. It works. But I am hopeful about the modified grill. Just have to try it.

Two more days of work and then I will be off for three days. I live for those three days. Working is no way to live. I got spoiled. I want my days back, but I have to be able to pay my bills. Sigh....

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