Saturday, October 10, 2015

Good dinner, but too expensive

I don’t have much to write about this morning. 
Went to the post office at lunch, my book about gardening in the desert arrived. According to the book, I am just about on schedule for fall planting and could actually wait another week or so. But I hope to get started this weekend. I brought home some mesclun mix, chive, and nasturtium seed the other day. I need something that blooms!

It is already hot and stuffy this morning. I have to work on a couple of websites before I can start on Ody. I am tired and a bit cranky too. I do hope my mood improves and I don’t have to waste my whole morning on websites.

Supposed to go to dinner at 4 with the “widow’s club”, the group of widows here in the park. Vicki and I went to Times Three last night for their fish dinner, so I don’t know if I will go today or not. We’ll see how the day plays out. I have a lot on my plate for this weekend. Vicki isn’t interested in going today.

I think that I am going to order some polar fleece blankets for the living room furniture winter covers. The gray with red plaid. Plus the large rug for the living room as well. The same pattern as the ones I already have that I removed from Ody. I have to make a custom pillow for the recliner, a regular pillow is too big. But I think the orange microfiber that I cut off the body pillow will be just about right. I might get out of that with a minimum of sewing. 

Work was long and hot yesterday and my hip was really bothering me. I do hope that goes away. I did my mile this morning, and just from missing two days, I felt it. Although it could be the warm weather making me feel like I was really having to work this morning.

Vicki and I went to Times Three for dinner last night. I liked their fried fish, but it was an expensive dinner and we waited way too long. I didn't figure out until this morning that the waitress short changed me by ten bucks. So $12 for dinner, $5 for tip, and $10 short on my change. Almost $30 for a fish fry. An expensive lesson learned, count your change.

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