Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grow bench project

Not much this morning. I made it through work yesterday, actually felt better than I had expected thankfully. It was warm, but didn’t get too hot. 

My schedule will be changing after next week, I will be going to four days a week, Wednesday thru Saturday. I was kind of hoping to have Saturday’s off, but it isn’t looking promising. Oh well. This means I will be missing even more fun things, plus the monthly tailgater at the rock club. I guess I won’t bother to join this year. 

Since yesterday was pay day, I splurged and went to Carl’s Jr last night for a diablo burger. It tasted good, but I couldn’t finish it. That is a first for me. But I seem to be paying for it this morning. It didn’t want to digest, and when it finally did, I made several trips to the bathroom. Guess I won’t do that again. Maybe next time I will go to Subway instead.

I brought home six 2x4’s, some scorpion powder, screws and potting soil. Today I am going to put together a grow bench with the table legs that I bought last spring. I had forgotten that I had them. This will get all my plants up to table height. And if I have the energy when I am done, I will setup some sort of watering system as well. Or at least see what I need for parts to do it. Might be a weekend project.

Right now I feel like going back to bed, and I might just do that. 

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