Saturday, October 3, 2015

More shipping woes

According to my calculations, I got eight hours of sleep last night. It wasn’t uninterrupted, but still adds up. I was tired, very tired. It was a little busier yesterday, so the day went a little faster than Thursday thankfully. My feet and knees hurt and my hip hurt yesterday too. 

I was ready for work a little early, so I dropped Vicki’s gift off to her on my way to work. She liked the necklace and earrings. She said she enjoyed her lunch and they had a birthday cake for her. And the more I think about it, the angrier I get about the fact that they scheduled it when I couldn’t be there. There weren’t a lot of people, so I don’t understand why they couldn’t do it when I could. Whatever. I’m feeling like it was a deliberate slight. I will get over it. Eventually. Vicki saved some pizza for me and brought over after I got home. I was so happy not to have to think about fixing dinner. I fell asleep shortly after eating again.

I brought home a 1x8 so I can put up some more shelves in the shed. I had ordered another four sets of hangers. Now I just need to figure out the best place for them. I also have a door bell to install and a few other things to deal with. Plus vacuuming, etc. 

It is beautiful out this morning. Right now it is around 68 degrees, almost cool. I had my windows open all night, which helped with the sleeping. It is still quite warm indoors tho. But definitely cooler than what my AC is set at.

Tomorrow is the ride to Palm Springs, Monday will be grocery day.

My red trays I bought on eBay hit the local post office yesterday and were sent right back to the sender. They must not have put my PO Box on the label. :( I really hate that. I have been waiting a couple of weeks for them already and now I don’t know if I will even get them. I just tried to reorder them directly from Target, and it says they can’t be delivered to Arizona? WTF? OK, it seems to work if I remove the PO Box. If this one gets sent back, they have a serious problem with their shipping and I will be really pissed.

We might get some rain Tuesday or so. It is supposed to stay under 100 degrees for the next week. Hopefully we have seen the last of that until next summer.

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