Sunday, October 18, 2015

Almost done

Good thing I started with the water tank yesterday, it took most of the day and I did have to make a trip to the hardware store. The old tank went back in. Two reasons, it wasn’t leaking, and the new tank didn’t have the sensors in it.  I got the thing out, filled it with water and tested it out, took forever to get it back in and everything hooked up. I was working on my knees and in a tiny, cramped space. I had to get some crimp connectors and sealant before I could close it back up. I also got the table brace installed and the latch for the seat back. The table brace was a little easier than I thought it was going to be, but still not “easy”. Today is carpet and a wipe down, and it will be ready to go. I will need to vacuum the front again, somehow it has gotten dirty, plus I need to clean the dash, doors, etc. This whole thing has taken a lot longer than expected, cost more and involve more labor than I had wanted to put into her. I hope it helps and she sells fast. I also still need to finish up the key rack. I put the hooks on it the other day, and just need to print out something appropriate to put in the picture frame. Then I can hang it over the door.

I wrapped up my work around 3, and read the rest of the day. I am stiff and sore this morning from the contortions working on the tank. I’m guessing the water came from the filler tube. The seal was shot on that, possibly a couple of the other connections had a leak or two too. What seals I could replace, I did.There were some hoses that I couldn’t get off, so I just made sure the clamps were really tight.

I will keep the new tank for my new camper. I will need a fresh water tank anyway, and I won’t need sensors.

Tomorrow I want to go to the market, DG and Sal’s. I would like to get that chair situated at some point. Something somewhat comfortable. Maybe even something I can live with indefinitely. I will just keep trying. But the big pillow to fit the back is the next try and I would like to do that tomorrow if I can, but need material for the inner sleeve.

I will take pictures of Ody today when I am finished. I’m planning on using my little nikon pocket camera as it does a better wide angle than my others. 

Another snowmobile club website update last night, but this was an easy one. Took longer to boot up the machine than to make the changes.

I did walk yesterday. Planning on walking this morning too. Need to walk a little earlier, too many people to stop and talk to. I have to keep taking my earbuds out. But it doesn’t get light until about 6:30 now. At least it is fairly comfortable temperature wise in the mornings now. I didn’t use the AC yesterday, but was sorely tempted last night. It just wouldn’t cool down inside even with both fans going. Haven’t looked at the forecast for today yet. 

Breakfast out at 8, so I need to be walked, showered and dressed by then. After that, I will finish up Ody. Feels a lot less humid this morning. Yesterday was very humid and sprinkled off and on. I worked up a good sweat and my scalp is all itchy even tho I washed my hair last night. I have rubbed some witch hazel on it for now, but am hoping another rinse after I walk this morning will help. 

I also dealt with Target and the whole tray debacle. I'm getting a credit for the missing tray, and will get full credit on the second order that went back. Instead of refunding my money, they are sending me egift cards. I guess I will use those for some xmas shopping. But am happy to finally have a red tray and that whole thing straightened out. 

IP got its first snow of the season yesterday.

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